Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee: An interactive journey through the life of the kung fu legend

Take a journey through the extraordinary life of the world's biggest martial arts star as we celebrate his 75th birthday

PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 November, 2015, 11:53am
UPDATED : Friday, 27 November, 2015, 11:56am

Everyone knows Bruce Lee was the kung fu star who brought martial arts to big screens world wide – but do you know how he got there?

With only three years from the release of his first big blockbuster move, the Big Boss, until his death in 1973, Bruce Lee lived the majority of his life not knowing the international sensation he was going to become.

What was his first big break? Why did he flee Hong Kong for America at the age of 18? How did he meet his master Ip Man?

Take a look back through the life of Hong Kong’s biggest film star through our interactive, multimedia timeline.