Donald Trump

Hong Kong show for Donald Trump sculpture with pig’s snout and sheep eyes

James Ostrer also presents models of Miley Cyrus, Tiger Woods and Harry Styles for The Ego System at Art Central

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 March, 2016, 1:22pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 November, 2016, 10:59am

A grotesque sculpture of Donald Trump made with a pig’s snout, sheep eyes and a half eaten croissant leads a new exhibition of celebrity icons in Hong Kong.

The incredible portrait by James Ostrer also features raw fish, crude oil and gold-leafed rubble, as well as a high-street suit.

It goes on display this week as part of the London-based artist’s exhibition The Ego System at Hong Kong’s art fair festival Art Central.

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Sculptures of pop star Miley Cyrus, US golfer Tiger Woods, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and One Direction’s Harry Styles also feature in the show.

Ostrer said he hopes his creations highlight how celebrities “seduce their onlookers through traditional and social media with their promises of success, beauty and glamour”.

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He said Trump became a focus for his exhibition after the billionaire businessman became the most searched US presidential candidate on Google despite not being the favourite to win.

He added: “The eyes of the world are on Trump which marked him out as my number one subject.”

Ostrer, who has previously made headlines for his junk food sculptures in the series Wotsit All About, has named each sculpture Emotional Download followed by the number of Google searches they had achieved at the time the exhibition was finalised.

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He said: “I am responding to the vast divide between what we are being sold and what we are actually getting. I’ve labelled them Emotional Downloads, which stand as a reaction against corporately contrived icons, the myth bearers that we are increasingly forced to worship.”

The Ego System is on at Art Central from March 23-26. For more information visit