The World Economic Forum has in the past praised Hong Kong's financial market and local infrastructure as the best in the world. Photo: Jonathan Wong

Hong Kong has fourth most efficient government in the world - three places ahead of Rwanda

Hong Kong’s government has been ranked as the fourth most efficient in the world by an international economic body, coming 27 places higher than the administration in mainland China, and three places ahead of Rwanda.

Hong Kong's government has been ranked the fourth most efficient in the world by an international economic body, coming 27 places higher than the administration on the mainland.

In the Asia-Pacific region, only Singapore was ranked higher than Hong Kong, coming second. Qatar was ranked the most efficient government worldwide. Rwanda was ranked seventh.

In their annual Global Competitiveness Report, the World Economic Forum said their assessments were based on factors such as wastefulness in spending and the burden of regulations.

The mainland was ranked No31, dragged down by its poor-quality legal institutions and lack of transparency in policymaking, according to the report.

Italy, Argentina and Libya were ranked among the 10 least efficient governments, with Venezuela taking the dubious honour of scoring lowest.

University of Hong Kong politics and public administration associate professor Peter Cheung Tsan-yin said credit for the city's success had to go to civil servants.

"Hong Kong in general has a very effective civil service bureaucracy and it has been able to deliver services in a very good manner, which is largely satisfactory to citizens," he said.

Cheung said although the government often faced complaints about delays on major projects and decision-making taking a long time, these weren't necessarily related to the bureaucracy's effectiveness.

"These are more related to the political problems we have under the current system of government," he said.

"I would say if Hong Kong is rated highly, I think it's understandable given the hard work put in by our civil service."

The forum had previously praised Hong Kong's labour and goods markets, while ranking the financial market and local infrastructure the best in the world.

"Hong Kong is … one of the most open economies in the world," the report said. "In order to enhance its competitiveness, it must improve on higher education and innovation."


This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: City's government ranked fourth most efficient