Wild boar

Boar to be wild: pig leads Hong Kong police on five-hour chase

Second boar chase this week on Hong Kong Island

PUBLISHED : Friday, 15 January, 2016, 8:28am
UPDATED : Friday, 15 January, 2016, 5:07pm

It took Hong Kong police more than five hours to capture a metre-long wild boar which was enjoying a Friday off in Hong Kong Park.

The boar, who led police on a merry chase from about 8am, was tranquillised by a government animal control worker whilst being fed apples.

The chase came two days after another wild pig escaped into the woods following a lengthy pursuit by police in Hong Kong’s Mid-Levels.

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It was at about 7.20am on Friday when police were told a wild pig had been seen in the park, close to Citibank Tower.

At least a dozen officers were on the scene early on Friday morning, tapping batons against their riot shields to move the boar around as well as trying to take selfies with the beast.

One official told an onlooker they were trying to “make the area safe”.

They chased the pig around for at least five hours attempting to keep it away from pedestrians, while police referred the case to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

A number of news crews and passers-by with smartphones followed the entire pursuit over the course of several rainy hours.

Once the animal control workers arrived on the scene, they fed the boar apples to keep it in one place and shot it with the tranquilliser dart.

After the boar collapsed, workers gathered it into a net and then a metal cage before taking it away.

According to an AFCD spokesman, the boar was a pre-adult male of about one metre in length and had been in good condition when caught.

He said it was released into the wild again in a Hong Kong country park on Friday afternoon.

But the spokesman could not confirm whether or not it was the same wild boar which eluded authorities on Wednesday to escape again into the wilderness.