Maths is fun ... and groovy? Hong Kong pupils’ music video goes viral

Clip features three boys singing geometry methods to disco tune

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 April, 2016, 12:15pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 April, 2016, 2:36pm

“Side angle side, side side side, angle side angle, angle angle side.”

Many of us with a maths phobia may dread seeing this line. But set it to a catchy tune and a bunch of adorable secondary school students, and you get Hong Kong’s latest viral video.

Watch: four geometry students sing about maths

The clip, which has garnered some 860,000 views and over 31,000 “likes” on Facebook, was produced by Methodist College in Ho Man Tin to introduce the four geometry methods in determining whether two triangles mirror each other.

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The video opens with three boys singing the “side angle side” line to the tune of “Fly, Robin, Fly”, a song by 1970s German disco band Silver Convention, featuring choreographed arm and leg movements.

Watch: Fly, Robin, Fly by Silver Connection

The trio then run around the campus and sing at various locations, such as a corridor, an office, classrooms, a library and a canteen, drawing more and more fellow students to join in.

The video ends with the three performing in a school hall while the student body sit in the audience and sing along.

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Some bemused netizens called the video “brainwashing” as students repeated the one and only line 16 times in the five-minute video.

A post on a Facebook group affiliated with the school showed a photo of a hand-written script of the song (originally titled “RHS”) by a teacher named Leung Chi-kit in May 2014. On the script, Leung wrote that the song was for the school’s 2014 graduates.

School principal Emily Wong Pui-yi said the video was produced by campus TV station for maths learning and that all students at the school participated in the filming.