Hong Kong handover 20th anniversary
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Illustration: Craig Stephens

Will Hong Kong be a speculator’s paradise with soaring property prices or blessed location? Five feng shui masters reveal future

Some are confident, others foresee turbulence

With everyone wondering about the fate of the city some 20 years after its return to China, several Hong Kong feng shui masters appear to have the answers. Applying the Taoist theories of yin and yang and the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, the ­fortune-tellers offer a variety of predictions regarding politics, society and economic development. While some are confident about the city’s future because of its “blessed location”, others warn the good luck it has enjoyed for so long may finally shift to the mainland. Five feng shui experts reveal what they believe the city has in store in the decades to come.

Mak Ling-ling

Mak Ling-ling.

Hong Kong will turn into a “gambling house”, with speculative money flooding in while the real economy keeps shrinking. As a result, the wealth gap will widen even further. Only rich people will survive here.

In 2026 there will be drastic changes, which will cause turbulence in the property and stock markets. As the year marks the 60th anniversary of the start of the notorious Cultural Revolution on the mainland, I am worried history will repeat itself.

There may be unrest and unhappiness in Hong Kong until 2027, but after that things should start to improve.

From reading her face, I foresee Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor being a strong leader. While she may not be great with people, she will have a better control of things than her predecessor.

Au Chung-tak

Au Chung-tak.
We are now in the earth cycle. A strong earth element leads to soaring property prices and public grievances. After the fire cycle takes over in 2024, the housing market will cool, and the number of protests in Hong Kong will fall by 70 per cent.

Also, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying is a yang person, so he tends to take a hard line. Unlike him, Carrie Lam Yuet-ngor is a yin person, meaning she is more accommodating. There will be fewer social conflicts when she takes office.

The year 2047, when the city reverts fully to China, is in the middle of the water cycle. During that time, the northern part of the world will become more populous, and Hongkongers will flock to the mainland in search of business opportunities. The city will gradually lose its status as a financial centre and merge with the rest of the country.


Thierry Chow

Thierry Chow.
In general, I remain upbeat about Hong Kong’s future. The city is in a very good location and surrounded by waters, which are good elements from a feng shui perspective.

Bolstered by such elements, the city will fight off the challenge of its rivals, Singapore and Shanghai, and remain in a relatively strong position.

Having said that, people will not be happy in 2047. Although I believe the “one country, two systems” will be extended, there will be differences of opinion that may lead to chaos.

The two areas that should see the most challenges are politics and the economy, but things should not go really wrong for our beloved city.

Tiger Wong Chun-fu

Tiger Wong Chun-fu.
In the short-term, Carrie Lam Yuet-ngor will be the most influential person in Hong Kong. The character Yuet, which means the moon, is on the yin side. It shows she is not an impulsive person and will take things slowly.

The character Lam, which means forest, brings about knowledge and shows she will use her brain in governing the city.

In the coming years, Hong Kong will prosper in a stable way with property prices continuing to rise and the Hang Seng Index hitting 28,000 by 2020. There will be rapid developments in the science and tech sectors.

I foresee the “one country, two systems policy” continuing to function after 2047, and the decision will be announced a few years before to ease concerns.

Ng Lap-kwan

Ng Lap-kwan.
According to feng shui theories, water is the source of wealth. Hong Kong’s waterway, the harbour, is becoming narrower because of reclamation, and the city will keep going down if we continue to reclaim land in Central and Wan Chai.

The city would do well to remember the Chinese saying: harmonious families see everything go well, and miserable families have endless quarrels. Hongkongers are having quarrels day and night, so the city cannot prosper.

In the upcoming fire cycle, the eastern part of the world will be upbeat and enjoy good fortune while the western part will not be that lucky.

With the rise of China, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou will definitely surpass Hong Kong.