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A motorcyclist faced a 90 per cent chance of death. Then Hong Kong medics saved his life

Doctor describes case as most unforgettable in his nearly 13 years in profession

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 26 September, 2017, 9:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 26 September, 2017, 2:42pm

A man who was severely injured in a Hong Kong car crash and stared down a 90 per cent chance of dying was in tears recalling how he cheated death and was miraculously saved by a team of medics.

Chu Mun-yee, the mother of Andy Ng Yun-ting, 23, bowed twice to the Queen Mary Hospital medics whose fast treatment helped make possible a bone surgery rarely performed in the emergency unit.

“I would like to thank the doctors and nurses from Queen Mary for saving my son,” Chu said as she wept during a media briefing. “It was superb they could fix such a shattered body.”

Ng, a pizza deliveryman, was riding his motorbike to work when he crashed into a car in Pok Fu Lam on July 25. His right shin bone and left thigh bone were broken. Both bones punctured the skin and were visible outside his body.

It was superb they could fix such a shattered body
Chu Mun-yee, mother of Andy Ng Yun-ting

He also suffered severe internal bleeding as his main artery had ruptured.

“Ng came very close to death, but we were able to save him,” Dr Christian Fang Xinshuo, of the hospital’s orthopaedics and traumatology department, said.

Fang described Ng’s case as the most unforgettable he had handled in his nearly 13 years as a doctor.

Emergency department nurse Heidi Tang Hoi-ting revealed Ng received by transfusion about 40 units of blood, or 20 litres, during three hours of resuscitation efforts.

Ng’s urgent condition pushed the medical team to perform a bone surgery to secure the broken bones in their original positions in the emergency room, a procedure not typically done there.

“Emergency rooms are not the most ideal place for surgery as they are not sterilised and equipment might not be the best fit,” the doctor explained. But he said Ng’s condition was so grave that the team did not “even want to waste time waiting for a lift” to the operating theatre.

The timely treatment allowed Ng’s condition to stabilise such that he could receive other surgeries for his ruptured main artery and bones.

Fang expected Ng to recover and walk in three to six months, citing his young age and healthy lifestyle.

“I will work hard in my rehabilitation and hope to walk and run as I did before,” Ng said as he sat in a wheelchair.

The Hong Kong Press Photographers Association captured the dramatic life-saving efforts. The photographers’ work is featured in a photo exhibition marking the hospital’s 80th anniversary.