Hong Kong weather

Hong Kong feels coldest weather this autumn after temperatures drop seven degrees in 24 hours

Lows could hit 16 degrees Celsius later in week

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 19 November, 2017, 6:50pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 19 November, 2017, 11:26pm

The long-awaited winter weather finally arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday as temperatures plunged about seven degrees from Saturday.

It is expected to get even colder throughout the week, with temperatures dropping to new autumn lows since the season began in September.

Affected by a northeast monsoon, local temperatures fell below 20 degrees Celsius across the city. The Observatory in Tsim Sha Tsui recorded a low reading of 19.4 degrees and a high of 20.2 degrees as of 4.30pm Sunday.

On Saturday, the weather authority tallied a low of 20.1 degrees and a high of 26.5 degrees.

The readings at many locations across Hong Kong on Sunday midday were six to seven degrees lower than 24 hours earlier, according to the Observatory.

Monday night was expected to be cool, with the temperature predicted to dip to 17 degrees, acting senior scientific officer Tong Hang-wai said.

“If the forecast is right, it will be the lowest temperature recorded since autumn,” he added, noting the weather could get “even colder in the following days”.

Hong Kong emerges from one of warmest Octobers on record

Tong said the lowest temperature recorded by the Observatory this autumn had been 19 degrees.

Cloudy skies and patches of rain were to continue into Sunday evening.

This week, the weather is predicted to be coldest on Thursday and Friday, with a low reading of 16 degrees and a high of 19 degrees.

Slightly warmer temperatures are forecast to arrive next Sunday, ranging from 19 to 23 degrees.