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Hong Kong wardrobe murder accused did not tell partner about killing ex-girlfriend until she had his son

Admission by Oscar Mok, who met second woman after fleeing to mainland China, leads prosecutors to paint him as selfish, during trial over death of flight attendant ex-girlfriend

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 03 May, 2018, 7:01pm
UPDATED : Friday, 04 May, 2018, 12:10am

A Hong Kong man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend did not tell his later partner about the killing until she had given birth to his son, a court heard on Thursday.

That revelation at the High Court, from the accused Oscar Mok Chun-yin, prompted prosecutors to trash his moral character on his third day in the witness box over the killing of 26-year-old Dragonair flight attendant Arbe Chan Man-yi.

“I suggest that you only think about yourself. You wouldn’t think about the consequences that would bring to the family,” prosecutor Jasmine Ching said.

She brought up an incident from Mok’s childhood, relayed earlier in court, when he threw away a games console because he did not want his cousin to have it.

“You destroyed [Chan] like you destroyed your video game machine years ago,” Ching said.

Mok, 31, denied murdering Chan on December 4, 2013, before hiding her body in a wardrobe. He did not dispute that he killed her, but argued it was manslaughter because Chan provoked him into an uncontrollable rage.

You destroyed [Chan] like you destroyed your video game machine years ago
Jasmine Ching, prosecutor

Prosecutors said Mok intended to kill Chan when he turned up at her flat in Allway Gardens, Tsuen Wan, that day. He then strangled her, possibly with a scarf, they said, before fleeing to mainland China days later.

Mok told local police in a recorded interview – after mainland authorities returned him in 2017 – that he had found a new girlfriend and fathered a son north of the border.

That prompted Ching to ask on Thursday if he had ever told the new girlfriend that he killed Chan.

“I did tell her, after my child was born,” he said, adding that the child was born about two years after Chan’s death.

Ching noted that Mok started a family despite knowing he could be arrested. Mok said he had attempted suicide since Chan’s death and had tried not to bring it up. He disputed Ching’s portrayal of him as selfish.

Mok had testified earlier that Chan had promised to renew their relationship on the day he killed her. But he soon found out she had a new boyfriend by checking her phone, and she bragged about how she would rather have sex with another man, he said.

Wardrobe murder accused: ‘I was a jealous boyfriend’

Ching challenged him, saying he had never mentioned the woman’s comments before. “You still want to embarrass her, even after her death, by fabricating this conversation,” she said.

She described Mok as “jealous and possessive”, saying he hated Chan. She put it to him that he felt released after killing her. Mok disagreed.

The case continues before Mr Justice Joseph Yau Chi-lap on Friday.