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Crime in Hong Kong

Male suspect wounded after Hong Kong policeman fires two shots at oncoming car in sting operation

Suspected triad member, 24, fled the scene but was later arrested when he sought hospital treatment for gunshot wound

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 01 August, 2018, 9:25am
UPDATED : Friday, 03 August, 2018, 12:06am

A suspected male triad member was wounded when a Hong Kong policeman fired two shots at a car being driven at him and another officer during a sting operation on Tuesday night.

The sergeant and his colleagues from Tuen Mun police district were lying in wait at the scene after a businessman reported on Sunday that his trucks had been damaged in the wake of a commercial dispute.

Two men arrived in a car near Chi Lok Fa Yuen residential estate at Tsing Hoi Court at about 9.15pm. The driver left the vehicle and smashed the windscreen of a truck with a brick, police said.

A struggle ensued when officers tried to stop him.

The suspect rushed back to the car and drove it towards two officers, police said.

One officer managed to dodge the vehicle, while the sergeant fired two shots in an attempt to stop it, though the suspects managed to escape.

A high-ranking police source said initial information showed the sergeant had been justified in opening fire because he and his colleague were in imminent danger.

The sergeant, who has been with the force for about 30 years and is attached to the Tuen Mun police district anti-triad squad, sustained bruises on his limbs and a suspected arm fracture during the incident. He was treated at Tuen Mun Hospital.

At about 10pm, the car was found abandoned on Shan Ha Road in Yuen Long, about 11km north of the crime scene. Officers found traces of blood inside.

A side mirror and a window had been smashed, and there were signs of damage from at least one bullet.

At about the same time, a 24-year-old Hongkonger with a suspected gunshot wound to his right leg sought treatment at Pok Oi Hospital in Yuen Long. Hospital staff alerted police. The man was arrested and transferred to Tuen Mun Hospital, where he had surgery to remove the bullet.

Initial investigations indicated the man was the driver in the earlier incident, according to law enforcement sources.

Policeman draws gun as driver runs roadblock and tries to ram him

One source said the suspect was in the driver’s seat when a bullet went through the car’s left front window and hit his right knee. He said the other bullet was believed to have hit the car’s left side mirror.

As of noon on Wednesday, the suspect was being held in Tuen Mun Hospital’s custodial ward.

Police, who had been looking for the suspect in the front passenger seat, arrested three more men, aged 22, 23 and 30, in Tin Shui Wai and Yuen Long on Wednesday. They were detained.

The source said the wounded man was suspected to be a Wo Shing Wo triad member. The Post understands he was arrested for driving without a licence after a traffic accident in Hung Hom in 2011.

Yan Fong-wai, acting assistant Tuen Mun district commander for crime, described the situation as “very dangerous” and said the sergeant had made an assessment and given the suspects a verbal warning before he opened fire.

The New Territories North regional crime unit is investigating the case, which has been classified as criminal damage, furious driving and assaulting police.

Yan said further arrests were possible. Police were looking into whether the suspect had triad connections.

A male witness said: “I heard a man yelling loudly … and police gave chase in that direction.”

Another witness, who lived in the estate, told reporters he heard several people arguing in the street before two shots went off. He later saw a large number of police vehicles with dozens of officers in bulletproof vests at the scene.

The anti-triad squad had begun investigating two reports of criminal damage after two trucks belonging to a logistics company were damaged in Tsing Hoi Court in June and on Sunday.

A source said the incidents were thought to have been sparked by a business dispute over vegetable delivery orders. He said police were investigating whether a Wo Shing Wo gang had been recruited to carry out such attacks.