Hong Kong courts

Mainland Chinese chef got high on drugs, forced Hong Kong prostitute to make indecent videos then blackmailed her into handing over bank details

  • Woman forced to flee naked from her flat after attack
  • Hu Changxiong jailed for eight years over ‘lowly and shameful’ act
PUBLISHED : Friday, 19 October, 2018, 6:47pm
UPDATED : Friday, 19 October, 2018, 7:35pm

A mainland Chinese chef who robbed a prostitute of more than HK$15,000 (US$1,910) and raped her at knifepoint was jailed for eight years on Friday.

Hu Changxiong forced the victim into posing for indecent videos while he was high on drugs then used them to blackmail her into handing over the PINs to her bank cards, Hong Kong’s High Court heard.

Slapping Hu, 39, with a lengthy jail term, deputy judge Alex Lee Wan-tang noted the woman, 40, fled her Yau Ma Tei flat naked, leaving everything behind, on September 12 last year.

“One can imagine the degree of fear she was subject to,” Lee said.

He described Hu’s act as “lowly and shameful”, saying the sentence was to reflect society’s abhorrence and to stand as a deterrent.

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Hu, from Hubei province, earlier pleaded guilty at Eastern Court to one count of robbery, one of rape, one of blackmail and a further charge of inhaling methamphetamine, or Ice.

Various records showed Hu, who worked as a chef in Shenzhen, entered Hong Kong on the day of the crime. Within two hours, he had bought the six-inch oyster knife he would use.

The man claimed his original intention was to deliver some mobile phones in Hong Kong. But that did not convince Lee, who said it was a premeditated crime.

“There are reasons to believe the accused came to Hong Kong specifically to commit this crime,” the judge said.

Senior public prosecutor Gary Leung said Hu approached the woman, referred to as X in court to protect her identity, that day at 5.15pm, offering HK$200 for sex. But as soon as they arrived at the woman’s place at the Sing On Building, Temple Street, Hu launched his attack.

Leung said Hu slapped X in the face and threatened her with the knife, which he held to her neck.

Hu took a ring, a necklace, a wad of banknotes and a pair of earrings from X, who was too scared to fight back. The stolen items were valued at about HK$15,134.

There are reasons to believe that the accused came to Hong Kong specifically to commit this crime
Alex Lee, judge

He then posed as if to stab her, forcing her to have sex with him without a condom, the prosecutor said. The man also started smoking Ice and invited X to inhale with him.

He made X pose for nude videos at one point. Threatening her with their release, he made her hand over the PINs of her three bank cards.

X took the opportunity to kick the knife away when Hu appeared tired. She threw a bottle at him before fleeing the room without any clothes on.

A friend and a stranger found her in the corridor and offered help, and police officers she alerted arrested Hu later that day.

Despite his guilty plea, Hu insisted during his interview with police he paid X to have sex with him. But, he said, they got into an altercation after he noticed four of his mobile phones had gone missing.

All the valuables were recovered because police arrested Hu as he left the building, the court heard.