Hong Kong police say robberies may be work of one man after truck firms have HK$3.2 million of goods stolen by new drivers

  • Fake ID card and driving licence with same name used on both job applications at two logistic companies
  • Electronic goods and cowhide stolen in thefts just 12 hours apart
PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 30 October, 2018, 2:33pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 30 October, 2018, 5:15pm

Police are investigating whether one man used a fake Hong Kong ID card to get himself hired as a delivery driver by two different companies and steal HK$3.2 million (US$408,000) in goods in separate robberies.

In both cases, a new employee went missing along with a combination of electronics components and cowhide in thefts just 12 hours apart starting on Monday.

A law enforcement source said a fake identity card and driving licence had been used in the job applications at both logistics firms, and initial investigations indicated the name was the same, leading them to believe the drivers could actually be the same man.

“Officers will have to check security camera footage as part of the investigation, and will check to see whether the two suspects are the same person,” the source said.

In the first theft, a man, who was estimated to be in his 40s or 50s, was hired by a Ta Kwu Ling firm last Tuesday, and began work on Monday.

A police source said the man had been given the job of delivering 60 cartons of electronic components and cowhide worth a total of HK$1.8 million to two companies in the northern New Territories.

The theft was discovered at lunchtime when the 48-year-old employer lost contact with the driver, and the truck was subsequently found abandoned and empty in Tsuen Wan around 1pm.

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About 12 hours later, police launched another manhunt for after a driver who joined a logistics company on Saturday disappeared with HK$1.4 million worth of electronic components.

This man, who was about 50, according to the employer, was tasked with delivering electronics valued at HK$1.4 million to the cargo terminal of Hong Kong International Airport.

Again, the driver lost contact with the company, and his truck was also found abandoned and empty, this time in Kam Po Road, Lok Ma Chau.

Police were called around 1.30am on Tuesday by the owner of the company, and as of 12.30pm the man was still unaccounted for.

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Meanwhile, police are still searching for Ma Kei, an employee suspected of stealing HK$2.6 million from a Mong Kok money exchange shop on Monday. He joined the Argyle Street shop about a month ago.

Initial investigations found that Ma transferred the money into a bank account in Shenzhen without permission when his female colleague went to lunch, according to police.

By the time his colleague returned to the store around 1pm he was gone.

According to official statistics, police handled 10,702 reports of theft across the city in the first half of this year, an 11.9 per cent drop compared with 12,150 in the same period last year.