Bossini heiress kidnapping

Bossini heiress kidnap inspired by renovation worker who spotted sports cars at Queenie Law’s home, court told

Two men plead guilty to kidnap at Shenzhen court

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 24 March, 2016, 3:09pm
UPDATED : Friday, 25 March, 2016, 12:20pm

The kidnappers of an heiress to the Bossini apparel chain had originally targeted her mother, with one of the abductors having done renovation work on their luxury home, a Shenzhen court heard yesterday.

Six of eight mainland men who stood trial yesterday pleaded guilty to kidnapping Queenie Rosita Law, who was asleep with her boyfriend when the gang broke into the Sai Kung house in April last year.

Two others were charged with covering up illegal proceeds, one of them a Hongkonger.

Law, granddaughter of late Bossini founder Law Ting-pong, was freed for a ransom of HK$28 million after being held hostage in a cave for four days.

Location of cave where Bossini heiress was held still eludes Hong Kong police, court told

The first to plead guilty was You Dunkui, who denied being the ringleader. He told the Shenzhen Intermediate Court that the man who first suggested targeting Law’s home was not one of those on trial, but did participate in the kidnap.

“[He] worked there as a renovation worker; there were sports cars,” he said in response to questions from the court.

The original target was Law’s mother, he said.

“She had earlier been spotted eating with her husband,” he testified. “But on that night, we could not open their bedroom door. When we asked Queenie Law if she was the owner, she said yes.”

She was in her pyjamas while she was blindfolded, while her boyfriend was tied up.

The kidnappers found Law’s safe, according to second defendant Wang Yukun. They made her open it and stole her jewellery.

Some of them took Law away, while two remained to guard the boyfriend, leaving him with instructions to get HK$48 million or HK$58 million in ransom – according to different accounts by the defendants – from Law’s parents.

Law’s father subsequently negotiated the amount down to HK$28 million.

Bossini heiress kidnapping: Hong Kong police recover HK$6.35m in ransom money from remote hillside

“When we were in the cave, Queenie Law looked very sad. I told her we would not harm her,” Wang said. “When I was trying to make her feel better, I felt sad too and I had tears in my eyes.”

He added that he had suggested calling off the whole crime.

“When we arrived at the flat, I was very afraid,” Wang said. “I suggested leaving right away but You disagreed.”

Also charged with kidnapping are Xiong Denghui, Zhang Aojiang, Wang Libo and Mao Xiaobing. Liang Qishun and Dai Xunhui are charged with covering up illegal proceeds.

Dai, the Hongkonger, said he would not have handled the jewellery had he known they were illegally obtained during a kidnapping.

Wang had thought of turning themselves in after they fled to the mainland city of Huizhou, according to You.

“He said those who kidnapped the son of [a Taiwanese celebrity] was only sentenced to 12 years in a Hong Kong prison,” said You, who faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. “But in 20 minutes, police arrived at our [hiding place].”

The trial continues today.

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