‘Cruel jinx’ claim after Hong Kong man reportedly killed in Iceland road accident

Source says he was hit by another vehicle after stopping by the road on the way to Solheimasandur beach; his uncanny pre-flight Facebook post seemed to predict tragedy

PUBLISHED : Monday, 19 September, 2016, 12:36am
UPDATED : Monday, 19 September, 2016, 9:29pm

A Hong Kong man was reportedly killed in a road accident on Saturday night while travelling in southern Iceland.

The victim, surnamed Choy, was said to be a tourist in his 40s and part of a group of 10 friends travelling in two rental cars heading to Solheimasandur beach, when the incident happened at about 11pm.

Choy’s Facebook page – under the name Yue Yuen Choy – has been flooded with comments from users, wishing him well in heaven and praising him for his superb skills in photography.

“It is my honor to have known you,” a Facebook user by the name of Slrmon Tungtung said, adding: “I hope you will continue to produce touching photographs even in heaven where you will have an even broader horizon.”

Before his death, Choy had posted a picture of himself on September 15, grimacing at the boarding gate of his flight bound for Europe.

The picture was coupled with an uncanny caption which said: “It’s my turn. Here is a portrait of the deceased.”

After the incident, the post drew hundreds of comments, with some calling it a “cruel jinx”.

A government source close to the matter said Choy was hit by another vehicle when his group stopped their cars by the road and got out.

“He was standing with his friends on the road, when a big vehicle driven by another foreigner hit the man,” the source said.

The source added that Choy was seriously injured and was certified dead shortly after he was rushed to the hospital. The rest of the group were unhurt.

It was not known why the group had pulled over on the road.

Hong Kong’s Immigration Department was reportedly in touch with Choy’s family and the Chinese embassy in Iceland.

The Solheimasandur beach is famous for a plane wreckage that has become a tourist spot. A United States Navy plane was forced to crash-land on the black sandy beach in November 1973. All crew survived the landing, but the plane was abandoned and still stands at the crash site as an eerie attraction.

The latest incident is the second in two weeks involving the death of a Hongkonger in a road accident abroad.

On September 10, a Hong Kong man died in a crash on the Thai resort island of Ko Samui.

He was riding a motorbike with his girlfriend near Lamai Viewpoint. His girlfriend reportedly suffered serious head injuries.