Man denies killing a Hong Kong father for being too noisy in mourning his son’s death

Court hears 2015 encounter left victim with 17cm skull fracture

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 16 August, 2017, 8:49pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 16 August, 2017, 10:17pm

A man yesterday denied killing a father for being too noisy as he mourned the death of his young son while drinking at a Hong Kong restaurant.

The High Court heard on the first day of trial in the case that the men had fought wildly, with chairs flying and glass smashing, and the alleged victim Pang Fuk-cheung, 60, sent to intensive care in hospital.

Pang suffered significant traumatic head injuries including extensive bruising, fracture, bleeding and swelling caused by punches and hard objects.

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Among those injuries was a 17cm skull fracture across the top of his head.

His alleged assailant, Chuang Ming-hing, 39, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to one count of manslaughter.

But prosecutor Dee Crebbin said in opening her case to a seven-member jury that it was Chuang’s punches, kicks and strikes over Pang’s head with glass bottles that caused his death on July 12, 2015.

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“It was the unlawful act or acts done by the defendant that caused the death,” she said.

The deceased, according to Crebbin, had just lost his son in a traffic accident on the mainland a few days before the fatal fight.

Her first witness, Pang Kam-lun, recalled that his uncle was very emotional that day, distraught and sobbing at Ping Kee Store in Fanling Wai in the New Territories.

Pang Kam-lun said he and a relative had tried to comfort his uncle before enlisting his aunt’s help. But their efforts failed, and the inconsolable Pang later banged his head on the ground.

“He was quite loud, very loud,” the nephew testified.

At one point, he heard complaints from a man drinking with Chuang at an opposite table, asking them not to make so much noise. This led the nephew to explain that his uncle had just lost a son.

The witness claimed the man said: “Your son has already passed away. Perhaps it’s all your fault that he died.”

He was quite loud, very loud
Pang Kam-lun, nephew of victim

The remark prompted the uncle to stand up immediately and rush towards the man’s table before he could be stopped.

Pang Kam-lun recalled seeing his uncle, the man and Chuang throw punches and chairs while he and his aunt asked them to stop and shouted for help. He testified that the two men pushed his uncle towards the table and caused him to fall to the ground, before Chuang’s friend struck the top of his uncle’s head with a glass bottle and left him “not very conscious”.

Prosecutors alleged Chuang then forcibly swung a bottle and hit Pang’s head three times.

But defence counsel David Boyton questioned whether the witness felt he had a duty to protect his uncle’s reputation. “You don’t want to tell this court, this jury or the police that your deceased uncle caused this incident,” he said.

The witness replied: “I don’t understand your question.”

The trial continues before Madam Justice Esther Toh Lye-ping.