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Mother admits attempting seaside suicide in Hong Kong with son, 3, in tow

Mainland native stopped upon seeing him looking scared as he held her tightly

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 19 October, 2017, 6:42pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 19 October, 2017, 6:42pm

A young mainland mother on Thursday admitted she attempted suicide in Hong Kong with her three-year-old son by walking him into the waters off Lamma Island after a fight with her husband over relationship and financial matters.

The Eastern Court heard the attempt was only aborted after the woman, 25, noticed her son looking scared while holding onto her tightly.

By then, the water had already reached her waist.

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On Thursday, the woman, now eight months’ pregnant with her second child, pleaded guilty to one count of ill-treatment by those in charge of a child or young person. She is not named to protect her child’s identity.

Her mitigation revealed that she met her husband on the mainland in 2010, soon before he settled in Hong Kong on the grounds of family reunion.

The couple got married in 2014, but their relationship quickly soured as the woman recalled that her husband often insulted her and did not care for her.

She also claimed that her husband had a girlfriend on whom he lavishly spent his HK$30,000 monthly salary as a renovation worker, while leaving her only HK$3,000 monthly to support her son.

On July 29, the woman brought her son to Hung Sing Yeh Beach on Lamma Island after having an argument with her husband over their relationship and financial matters.

The court is concerned there might be similar events in the future
magistrate Jacky Ip Kai-leung

Upon seeing other parents playing with their children, she felt sad and attempted suicide with her son, walking hand in hand into the waters.

But she said she later regretted it and changed her mind because she loved her son very much and did not want to hurt him.

The woman was subsequently diagnosed with depression.

Her lawyer asked the court to understand her difficulties and show mercy in light of her circumstances, as he pleaded for more lenient options such as a probation order.

But magistrate Jacky Ip Kai-leung said: “The court is concerned there might be similar events in the future.”

Sentencing is adjourned to November 2, pending reports on the woman’s background and suitability for a probation order.