Sexual harassment and assault

Harvey Weinstein’s Hong Kong associate Bey Logan accused of sexual misconduct

British-born martial arts enthusiast insists he never forced himself on women, and has expressed regret for any action that may have hurt others

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 December, 2017, 6:05pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 December, 2017, 11:25pm

Hong Kong has become embroiled in the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal after multiple women alleged they were victims of sexual misconduct by an associate and former top executive of the Hollywood mogul’s operation in the city.

British-born martial arts enthusiast Bey Logan, a former Asia vice-president of The Weinstein Company, has been accused of “inappropriate behaviour” by seven women, including Indonesian-Chinese former actress Sable Yu, who starred in the unfinished Logan-helmed film Snowblade.

The Post understands that Weinstein himself – who visited Hong Kong regularly for business over a number of years – has so far not been the subject of any direct accusations of sexual misconduct by women in the city or the wider Asian film industry.

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Among the allegations are claims that Logan touched Yu’s breast in front of a whole film crew and that the executive – who worked for The Weinstein Company from 2005 to 2009 – “habitually threatened” her with legal action when she tried to quit the film due to psychological pressure.

Responding to reports published on Wednesday in the Hollywood Reporter and a local Hong Kong news website, Logan, who had earlier issued a statement expressing regret for his actions, told the Post: At the time I was confronted with the accusations, I was shocked and uttered responses off the record which came across as defiant and defensive. I apologise for the same.

“I have given my written statement and take this opportunity to express my regret for the hurt and embarrassment caused to my family and friends.”

None of the allegations made so far have been reported to the police or any other law enforcement agency.

Logan, who considers Weinstein a “friend and mentor”, is also understood to have communicated with the producer in recent days regarding the accusations he now faces.

The former executive is also believed to have spoken to Weinstein when allegations of sexual misconduct first emerged against the movie mogul. The scandal later sparked a full-blown international movement by men and women claiming to be victims of sexual misconduct by film stars, producers and studio executives, under the “Me Too” social media campaign.

The extent of Weinstein’s links to Hong Kong and Asia were illustrated earlier this year when a eulogy he wrote following the death of prominent entrepreneur and socialite David Tang was published in the Financial Times.

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In the opening lines of that piece Weinstein, referring to Logan by name, wrote: “When I first went to Hong Kong 25 years ago, I came as a lover of Hong Kong cinema, especially martial arts movies. I met my friend and colleague, Bey Logan, who is a walking encyclopaedia of that genre.

“I also met many other incredible people like Jackie Chan, John Woo, and the great producer Peter Lam. It was just an extraordinary group, but of all these people, no one stood out more than Sir David Tang (who wasn’t a ‘Sir’ at the time).”

Since 2009, Logan has worked sporadically with Weinstein, co-producing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny in 2016. He often accompanied the producer on his visits to Hong Kong, Beijing and other Asian cities.

Sable Yu told the news website HK01 that when she was the lead actress in Snowblade, a film involving “martial arts, violence, and nudity,” Logan made her strip to her underwear on a daily basis so that he could inspect her body “for whether she had gained weight”.

On another occasion, Yu claims Logan tweaked her nipple in front of the whole crew, an act that made her “livid”. “This is very degrading to a woman,” Yu said. “I felt that somebody literally threw s**t in my face.”

Yu also alleged that Logan, whose wife is a lawyer, habitually threatened her with legal action when she tried to quit the film due to the psychological pressure.

Logan is also accused of “exposing himself” and Yu said she was traumatised by the Snowblade experience and was still seeking psychological help.

Allegations of sexual misconduct were made by six other women cited by the website, including an anonymous Australian-Chinese actress based in Beijing, who said she worked as Logan’s interpreter on the set of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Drago n: Sword of Destiny in the Chinese capital in 2015, and was the subject of explicit advances by him in a hotel room.

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Another woman, also unidentified, was said to have experienced an “unpleasant” meeting with Harvey Weinstein, and claimed that Logan had “forcibly kissed her and pinned her down on the bed” in her hotel room. She eventually escaped by answering a phone call.

A separate allegation involved casting sessions in which women were required to be either half-naked or fully nude.

Addressing the reports, Logan told the website: “I definitely never forced myself on anybody, never had to force myself on anybody”, adding: “The complaints that you have … [are] the things that I tried to do, rather than anything that actually happened.”

In a later written statement Logan gave to the Post, he said: “Over the years of my adult life, I have made advances to women.

“Sometimes they were rebuffed and sometimes they were reciprocated. I have had a too-carefree attitude towards physical encounters with women. I have made inappropriate comments lightheartedly or after a few drinks.

I have had a too-carefree attitude towards physical encounters with women ... I have made mistakes for which I can’t forgive myself
Bey Logan

“I now see I was wrong and I have made mistakes for which I can’t forgive myself, and must live with them. I regret that any action I might have taken could have caused distress to anyone.

“I was insensitive because my position and the industry’s culture had allowed me to consider my behaviour then acceptable.”

On Weinstein himself, Logan said: “Like everyone else who worked at or with The Weinstein Company, I have been shocked at the alleged behaviour of Harvey Weinstein towards women. “Throughout the years I have known Harvey, I have not witnessed, nor did anyone describe to me any details of, alleged sexual assaults.

“Looking back, I should have been more vigilant and could have done more to protect the women who were placed in a vulnerable situation.”

Logan added that he wanted to “take this opportunity to express my regret for the hurt and embarrassment caused to my family and friends”.