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Electric drill killer gets life in Hong Kong jail as victim’s mother says she will not forgive him

Mother claims she never got an apology over the loss of her daughter two years ago

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 31 January, 2018, 9:02pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 31 January, 2018, 10:57pm

The mother of a young woman bashed to death with an electric drill in Hong Kong nearly two years ago said she would not forgive her daughter’s murderer, who was jailed for life on Wednesday in a case the judge described as a tragic horror story.

“I hope my daughter is happy now for her justice,” Wilma Bayr told the Post after watching Safdar Husnain being sent away for life imprisonment over the murder of her daughter, Andrea. “I’m going to sue him, I hope somebody will help me financially.”

The High Court heard Andrea, 25, died on March 29, 2016, in a brutal and horrific killing during which she was struck, strangled and stabbed in the face with a 15.5-centimetre drill despite her attempts to fight for her life. Husnain was convicted of murder on Tuesday.

The Austrian-Filipino victim is survived by her widowed mother, a twin brother and four children – three of whom were now being cared for by the city’s social services.

Her then boyfriend, Husnain, a 28-year-old Pakistani security guard, blamed the drugs they took that night for giving him hallucinations and convincing him she was a witch who would kill him if he did not act first.

But the jury in its verdict rejected his account, after a psychiatric expert for the prosecution testified that Husnain willingly took the drugs and may not have experienced the psychotic symptoms if he had not done so.

The drug world is full of tragic horror stories, and this is one of them
Mr Justice Kevin Zervos

“The drug world is full of tragic and horror stories, and this is one of them,” Mr Justice Kevin Zervos said in sentencing. “Two people who knew each other and shared drugs together, tragically end up fighting one another, with one of them being brutally killed.”

Wilma said she never got an apology over the loss of her daughter, whom she described as a sweet and beautiful girl who aspired to become a flight attendant after stints in modelling and waitressing.

But defence counsel David Boyton revealed that Husnain was deeply remorseful and had been praying for Andrea despite her not being a Muslim.

“His view is he should be sorry for [Andrea’s] soul,” Boyton said. “At the end of the day he’s remorseful, even if it goes against the teachings of his religion. It places him in great conflict.”

To this point, Wilma responded: “I almost said, ‘I don’t need your prayer”. He should rather pray for himself that he could come out.”

When asked if she would forgive Husnain, the mother said: “No, I don’t think so. You should write it down, ‘He got no mercy.’”

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The court heard young Bayr and Husnain had crossed paths three months before the killing, when Husnain went to collect drugs at a party. Soon they became so in love that they were planning to get married.

But a mutual friend also spoke of their frequent quarrels and meetings to consume drugs together.

Wilma recalled trying to stop her daughter from taking drugs, a habit she learned from her first boyfriend at the age of 14, but to no avail.