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‘Super bus fan’ and friends took KMB double-decker for joyride, stealing route plates and charts, Hong Kong court hears 

Defence lawyer tells judge his client, who was part of a three-man enthusiast group, stole because he wanted authentic items that are not for sale

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 April, 2018, 3:49pm
UPDATED : Monday, 09 April, 2018, 3:12pm

Three bus enthusiasts took a double-decker bus for a joyride last year, stealing items such as route plates and itinerary charts, a Hong Kong court heard on Wednesday. 

The trio drove the vehicle to various bus terminals and stops in the early hours of February 12, 2017, the District Court heard. They stole from these places and hid their prized paraphernalia – all property of bus company KMB – in another decommissioned double-decker bus owned by at least one of them.

On Wednesday, Kwok Chun-ting, 21, a member of the group, pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to burgle. 

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Prosecutors said the men stole a total of 30 bus route plates, including those for X33 and N60, as well as 27 pages of detailed bus itineraries usually displayed inside vehicles or at bus stops. 

Kwok’s lawyer said in mitigation that his client was a “super bus fan” and committed the crime out of his zeal for the vehicles. He added that what Kwok stole was not available for sale.

You can make all kinds of advertising signs these days. Why not this one?
judge Don So

But Deputy Judge Don So Man-lung said: “[These plates] can certainly be made. You can make all kinds of advertising signs these days. Why not this one?”

So was told that Kwok only wanted authentic items.

Kwok was remanded in custody and is to be sentenced on Friday.

The other two, Marco Yiu Ho-yin and Chan Ho-yin, are expected to face trial in July, with a preliminary hearing scheduled later this month.

Prosecutor Ivan Shiu said the three met online a few years before the offence. At the time, Yiu and Chan were working for KMB, and Kwok was an ex-employee.

Shiu said the trio arrived at 1.30am on February 12 last year and waited at the Siu Hong Court Bus Terminus in Tuen Mun for staff to leave. Chan then allegedly cut the door lock of the bus office, and they stole the items inside.

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The prosecutor added that Yiu went to a nearby bus station to drive a double-decker bus over and pick up his accomplices. 

They then proceeded to Leung King Estate Bus Terminus and Tuen Mun Station Public Transport Interchange for more break-ins, Shiu continued.

He said the three men hid the stolen items in a decommissioned bus parked at an open area in Tsz Tin Tsuen. That vehicle was bought by Kwok and six other friends, according to Kwok’s lawyer.