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Hong Kong delivery worker admits manslaughter intended to ‘teach security guard a lesson’

Nawaz Mohsin pleads guilty at High Court to beating Au Chi-shing to death in retaliation for complaints made about his brother

PUBLISHED : Monday, 16 April, 2018, 8:31pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 April, 2018, 3:13pm

A Hong Kong transport worker on Monday admitted beating up and killing a security guard two years ago to “teach him a lesson” for complaining about his brother at work.

Nawaz Mohsin pleaded guilty to manslaughter in front of Deputy High Court Judge Mr Justice Michael Stuart-Moore, but denied murder over the Valentine’s Day attack of 2016.

The court heard how his brother, Khan Asaf Nawaz, 34, had been working at a construction site in Tin Shui Wai until a colleague, Au Chi-shing, complained he had arrived late for a shift.

Khan was later reassigned to another site. He requested a transfer back to Tin Shui Wai but was told a site in Fanling was his only option. He then resigned.

As revenge, Khan’s younger twin brothers, Nawaz Ahsan, 26, and Nawaz Mohsin, 26, attacked Au while he was on his way to meet his ex-wife on February 14, the court was told.

Au, 62, was left to die on a pavement about 70 metres from his workplace, with cuts, blood and a hexagonal mark on his face. He was later certified dead in hospital.

An autopsy found Au died of multiple injuries including broken ribs, bleeding in the abdominal cavity and lacerations to the liver and right kidney.

Nawaz Ahsan and a third defendant, Arbaz Muhammad, 23, earlier pleaded guilty to the same charge of manslaughter, an offence punishable by life imprisonment. 

Prosecutors alleged the three men beat Au in a premeditated attack to teach him a lesson. 

“The beating of Au caused his death,” prosecutor Neil Mitchell said. “[It] was an unlawful and dangerous act.”

Police believe work dispute behind the murder of 62-year-old Hong Kong man as four arrested

A mobile phone seized from Nawaz Ahsan contained two identical 23-second videos showing a person lying on the ground, screaming while being kicked and stamped on.

Investigators found the pattern on the sole of Nawaz Ahsan’s shoes matched the hexagonal bruise on Au’s face.

Recordings from Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre, where the twin brothers were remanded, showed Nawaz Mohsin telling a visitor: “We went only for slapping and punching, he was an old man. By chance from Allah … he died. Blame came on us.

“Allah knows best what is in our heart ... We thought, friend, [we] just will teach him a lesson.”

The three men will be sentenced on Tuesday.