As it happened: How Hong Kong's protest march against the extradition bill turned ugly

  • Mob storms metal barricades, police respond with batons and pepper spray
  • Melee still under way at Legco as police try to disperse angry crowd

Topic |   Hong Kong extradition bill

A protest march ended in violence at the Legislative Council when a mob stormed barricades and police responded with batons and pepper spray.  

What began as a peaceful protest, and held for nearly 10 hours, turned sour after midnight. Ugly scenes of violence erupted outside the Legislative Council as a mob stormed steel barricades. Police responded with batons and pepper spray as news cameras rolled.

The day started with hundreds of thousands of people flooding the streets to oppose the government’s extradition bill in the most unified protest march in the city in more than a decade. Some called it the ultimate showdown over the bill, which will resume its second reading on June 12 and if passed would allow the transfer of fugitives to jurisdictions the city had no previous agreement with.

Tensions have escalated in recent weeks as Hongkongers from all walks of life have spoken out against the proposal. Petitions against the bill have circulated, thousands of lawyers staged a silent march and several chambers of commerce have voiced concerns. The bill's proponents, notably the city's administration, see it as a vital tool to fight transnational crime and maintain the rule of law.

Our live blog below captures how events unfolded.