As it happened: Hong Kong police and extradition protesters renew clashes as tear gas flies

  • Tension builds again on border between Wan Chai and Admiralty after few hours of calm
  • Hong Kong leader earlier released video reprimanding protesters for organising a 'riot'

Topic |   Hong Kong extradition bill
Police and protesters renew clashes. Photo: Nora Tam

Tens of thousands of masked protesters are clashing with police in Hong Kong and have forced the government to delay a debate on a

highly contentious extradition bill

The government says the legislation is necessary to plug a loophole exposed by a

grisly murder case in Taiwan
and to prevent Hong Kong becoming a safe haven for fugitives, but critics fear Hongkongers and foreigners in the city risk being sent to mainland China to face unfair trials.

Today’s protest follows 

Sunday’s march, the biggest since the 1997 handover
 of Hong Kong from Britain to China. Follow our live blog below.