As it happened: How Hong Kong extradition bill protesters continued siege of police headquarters into Friday night

  • A peaceful sit-in near the legislature escalated into a road occupation before heading to the Wan Chai headquarters
  • The government had not acceded to protesters' demands by the set deadline of Thursday evening

Topic |   Hong Kong extradition bill
As night falls, protesters are still outside the police headquarters in Wan Chai. Photo: Edmond So

After hundreds of protesters started a quiet and peaceful sit-in in Hong Kong's political centre on Friday morning, their actions escalated gradually from about 11am and continued into the night, with thousands around the police headquarters in Wan Chai.

Demonstrators in black T-shirts and masks earlier spilled onto Harcourt Road, the thoroughfare between Admiralty and Central, setting up roadblocks and trapping vehicles. They were calling for – among other demands – the full withdrawal of the controversial extradition legislation, which the government suspended last week.

You can see how it played out below.