As it happened: Causeway Bay shop engulfed in flames with flats above, as protests erupt across Hong Kong and police under attack draw guns

  • At Chinese University, protesters and officers have been locked in a confrontation all day with both sides refusing to back down
  • Man who was set on fire by protesters on Monday remains in critical condition. Condition of protester who was shot by police improves and he is arrested for unlawful assembly
Topic |   Hong Kong protests
Hong Kong’s radical protesters are staging yet another campaign to cause citywide traffic disruptions on Tuesday, after their actions
on Monday sparked one of the most violent days
of the anti-government movement, which is now entering its sixth month.

Monday’s protests – in which they set up roadblocks on major thoroughfares, hurled objects onto train tracks and splashed buses with paint – paralysed roads and forced the closure of more than 20 railway stations throughout the day.

Also on Monday, a police officer
shot a protester
at close range, while
a man was set on fire
 by protesters in what police have said was attempted murder.
Protesters have argued their actions would increase pressure on the government, but the city’s leader Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor made it clear on Monday that it would be “
wishful thinking
” to believe the violence would force her administration to give in.

Follow our live coverage as the events unfold. Reporting by Sum Lok-kei, Lilian Cheng, Kathleen Magramo, Chan Ho-him, Karen Zhang and Phila Siu