Consumer protection in Hong Kong

Pretty Beauty Centre says some staff may have been careless when selling or handling complaints following Hong Kong Consumer Council reprimand

  • Centre’s customer service director Carol Cheng insists every customer bought services or products voluntarily
  • Watchdog says company obtained credit card payments without consent and refused to refund disabled victims
PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 28 November, 2018, 2:48pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 28 November, 2018, 2:48pm

A Hong Kong beauty service group that was reprimanded over unscrupulous sales tactics has said it would not rule out the possibility some employees had been careless when selling or handling complaints.

But Pretty Beauty Centre on Wednesday insisted it believed every customer had bought its services or products voluntarily as the company had strict requirements on professional conduct and provided training.

Its customer service director Carol Cheng Ka-yee said the firm would not allow workers to use high-pressure, luring or misleading tactics to close deals.

Her remarks came two days after the Consumer Council reprimanded the group for putting pressure on customers having received 50 complaints of improper sales practices by the company from 2016 to October this year.

The watchdog said the company had obtained credit card payments without consumers’ consent, and when it was found some of the victims were disabled, refused to refund them.

“The company does not rule out that a small number of frontline staff … have been negligent in sales procedures and managing clients’ complaints,” Cheng said.

The firm apologised for failing to resolve customers’ requests or problems effectively as well as causing inconvenience to specific clients and affected citizens.

Regarding the complaints addressed by the Consumer Council, Cheng said the group was willing to talk to customers individually to reach a solution acceptable to both sides.

She said it would cooperate with the council’s inquiry, arrange staff to follow up and submit a written explanation to the council.