Operation Santa Claus

Group from Deacons law firm helps visually impaired Hong Kong elderly build piece of living artwork as part of Operation Santa Claus

  • Workshop was held in conjunction with Hong Kong Federation of the Blind
PUBLISHED : Friday, 21 December, 2018, 10:01am
UPDATED : Friday, 21 December, 2018, 10:56am

Volunteers from a Hong Kong law firm attended an art workshop and helped 22 elderly citizens who are unable to see build microforests.

The group from Deacons, created the living artwork inside clear fibreglass jars during the event at The Hong Kong Federation of the Blind, in Kwun Tong.

Under the guidance of instructors from social enterprise MicroForests, the 28-strong team of lawyers and business services professionals worked with the elderly members to build the “life in a glass” art piece.

The seniors, who were either blind or visually impaired, are beneficiaries of support services provided by the federation, which carries out its work with funds from Operation Santa Claus, the annual charity drive jointly organised by the South China Morning Post and public broadcaster RTHK.

With the help of the volunteers, the 22 elderly citizens felt the sizes of the bunches of moss handed out to them, before placing the plants on top of layers of pebbles, and active charcoal, inside the small containers.

As each artwork gradually took shape, participants decorated their own pieces with coloured ribbons to finish them off.

MicroForests believes the living artwork brings peace, happiness and balance to the busy lives of Hong Kong’s residents.

While taking time out to spend a relaxing morning with the needy, the professionals from Deacons also got a taste of living without sight at the event, which had a theme “seeing beyond sight”.

Wearing blindfolds, some volunteers from the law firm experienced a tour led by guide dogs in a small park near the federation’s office. The guide dogs were trained by Hong Kong charity, Seeing Eye Dog Services.

Deacons senior partner Lilian Chiang Sui-fook said her colleagues were keen to help the less fortunate members of society.

“We take part in various charity projects,” she said. “We help out by volunteering. It’s better than just donating money.”

Chiang applauded the work of Operation Santa Claus in supporting a diverse range of worthy causes, citing the home repair service provided by the federation for the blind elderly people who live alone.

“It’s very practical,” she said.

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Jayson Williams, head of business development at Deacons, said he looked forward to working on more projects with Operation Santa Claus, which the firm has collaborated with for eight years.

“[These projects] delivered something real. We will definitely continue to support them,” he said.

Tony Shing Li-lim, executive director of the federation, was thankful that the firm and Operation Santa Claus had supported its activities and projects.

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