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How two four-year-old boys in different parts of China cope with life under Covid-19. Photo: SCMP artwork

China coronavirus: two little boys’ support for family members battling pandemic on front line touches hearts

  • With most of his extended family off fighting the pandemic, a little boy’s drawing supporting their efforts has touched many
  • Video of another boy unable to hug his mother, who is a doctor, wearing protective gear has also touched a nerve in China
The coronavirus situation in mainland China remains dire, and in the midst of the difficult fight against the disease are countless health workers and volunteers, and the families supporting them.

Recently, a four-year-old boy in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, eastern China, created a drawing capturing four generations of his family members fighting the pandemic; his 77-year-old great-grandmother carrying a kettle of hot water to frontline staff; his 51-year-old grandfather who stayed at his position as a high-speed traffic policeman for seven days; his father who was too busy managing logistics at a hospital to go home; and he himself, who was waiting at home for his family to return.

A four-year-old boy created a painting capturing four generations of his family members fighting the pandemic. Photo: Weibo

In this artwork, he said he expressed his feelings for his family.

“I miss you, and I’ll be at home waiting for you to return victorious,” he wrote.

Many pandemic prevention officers on the front lines were touched by his drawing, including Gu Wei, a highway traffic police who also happens to be the boy’s grandfather’s colleague.


“Seeing the drawing brings tears to my eyes; no matter how difficult it is for us who are on the front lines, we will feel a sense of happiness thinking of our loved ones waiting at home,” Gu said in a CCTV report.

‘If a little boy can have such faith, we should have more faith in our ability to defeat the pandemic’ said one man about the artwork.

Gu said he also felt encouraged by the boy’s kind words.

“If a little boy can have such faith, we should have more faith in our ability to defeat the pandemic,” he added.

According to the Jiaxing city government’s website, 54 positive cases have been reported in the city since March 13, with zero new cases reported on March 23, achieving a three-day streak of zero new cases.


Meanwhile, in Bozhou, Anhui Province, eastern China, another four-year-old boy who was rejected by his mother after trying to hug her while she was on duty on the front line working to reduce coronavirus transmission moved many people.

A mother working in pandemic testing was unable to hug her own son due to restrictions. Photo: Weibo

Dai Qianqian works as a doctor in Mengcheng, a county in Bozhou, Anhui. She has been fighting the virus on the front lines since the local outbreak on March 13 and has been deployed to many locations throughout the city.


Dai was assigned to the district where her home is located when the third round of nucleic acid testing began on March 20. Dai met her son, whom she hadn’t seen in seven days, during the tests.

“Do you recognise who I am?” Dai asked her son.

The boy was initially lost because the person standing in front of him was wearing a white hazmat suit, face masks, goggles, and gloves that wrapped her entire body.

Many children are away form family who are working on the pandemic frontline. Photo: Weibo

However, after a few seconds, the youngster recognised his mother’s voice and ran to hug her while shouting “mum.”


Dai could only step back and reject the hug due to pandemic prevention rules.

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“I am usually the one who looks after the child; however, due to the pandemic, he went a week without seeing me, so he missed me terribly,” Dai explained, in a report by Guangmang Video.


Dai left after a few minutes of standing at the door, having finished tests there.

“When the pandemic is over, I want to take him out to have fun,” Dai said.