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A girl in China, aged 8, stuns social media in a video showing her demonstrating suturing techniques taught by her father who is a doctor. Photo: SCMP composite

‘Go for it, young girl!’: 8-year-old in China performs perfect suturing and dreams of becoming a doctor like dad

  • A video of a small girl practising surgical suturing on a piece of pork skin has gone viral after social media users are impressed by her skill
  • Her doctor father says following in his footsteps is her dream and that this was only the second time she has ever attempted the procedure

A video of an eight-year-old Chinese girl learning how to surgically suture under the supervision of her doctor father has gone viral on mainland social media.

Last week, the girl’s father, surnamed Xie, from Liuzhou in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, southern China, posted the video of her practising suturing on a piece of pork skin. The video has since been liked more than 100,000 times on video platform Douyin.

In the video the girl, whose name was not divulged, can be seen gazing intently at the operating table while holding a scalpel and performing the suturing seamlessly.

An accompanying caption states: “When the youth is strong, the country will be strong! Go for it, young girl!”

When the girl asked her father to teach her how to suture, he went out and bought a piece of pork skin for her to learn with. Photo: Douyin

Xie said becoming a doctor and following in his footsteps has always been his daughter’s dream. He added that the suturing in the video is only the second time his daughter has ever attempted the procedure.

“My daughter has been interested in medicine since she was a small child,” Xie told Sohu News. “She has a strong hands-on ability, so I began teaching her how to do surgical suturing when she expressed an interest.”

Despite the many comments praising the girl’s skill, Xie said that she still needs more practice before she can master suturing.

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“Her hands are relatively small in comparison to the surgical tools, which are designed for adults,” Xie said. “Her performance is still not standard.”


“It was still very gratifying to see her being so serious,” he added.

People who saw the video praised the girl’s ability and determination to learn complicated skills at a young age.

“By the time she sews up patients, she’ll be the most experienced young doctor in suturing,” one person commented.

Throughout the video, the girl is calm and composed and has a look of determined resolution on her face. Photo: Douyin

Another said: “The next generation of future surgical saints!”

One person said her father’s support meant she had a bright future.


“I envy people who have been able to figure out what they want to do in the future when they are young and then have the full support of their parents; they have won at the start,” another said.