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A dad wraps head with cling film to kiss his baby (left) and a kneeling cow spared from slaughter (right). Photo: SCMP composite

Love, courage in China: dad wraps head with cling film to kiss his baby, kneeling cow spared from slaughter, boy stops speeding scooter

  • The father wraps his head to prevent bacteria from transferring to his infant daughter
  • A cow in China knelt when a farmer tried to sell it, saving itself in the process

A video showing a Chinese father wrapping cling film around his head before kissing his two-month-old daughter has gone viral on the mainland Chinese internet.

The baby’s mother, surnamed Chen, who lives in Guangdong province in southern China, said the father used the plastic wrapping to prevent bacteria from his mouth from being transmitted to his daughter, news portal The Paper reports.

“He loves his daughter so much and he really wants to kiss her,” Chen was quoted as saying. “But he is concerned about bacteria transmission, so he invented this method.”

The mother said the baby seems to be amused by the cling film. Photo:

“Our daughter is amused. She appears to be enjoying being kissed by her father in this way,” she said.

But some people disagreed with him. “This is unnecessary. They should let the infant be exposed to bacteria since it could help build the baby’s immune system,” one person said.

Kneeling cow spared from slaughter

A cow in China knelt when its owner tried to sell it. Photo: Weibo

When a Chinese farmer prepared to sell his cow, he was surprised when the animal knelt down in front of him, appearing to beg him not to make the sale.

The farmer from Anhui province in southeastern China said he had already settled on a price but when he was about to hand the cow to the buyer, it bent down on its knees for a long time, video website Xi Bu Jue Ce reported.

The owner, surnamed Yuan, told the buyer: “I have raised this cow for about seven years and I have a deep feeling for it. Now it has knelt down in front of me, so I no longer want to sell it.”

Yuan said he has reared cows since he was a child, but had never had an animal kneel in front of him before this incident.

Preventing a tragedy

An image catches the moment when a teenager preventing the child from rolling into traffic on a scooter. Photo:

The police have given a 17-year-old boy a Good Samaritan award after he stopped a five-year-old child who was playing on a scooter from rolling into the middle of a busy road at high speeds.

The incident happened earlier in September when Ran Qinrui, a student, saw the younger boy sitting on a scooter as it slid down a street on a steep slope in southern Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, state broadcaster CCTV reported.

And because the boy was moving so fast, Ran fell down when he reached his arms out to stop him. Thinking the younger boy was safe, Ran released his grip, but the boy continued to slide down. Ran then stood up and ran several steps to reach the boy and stopped him for good.

“I just did the best I could within my ability,” Ran said. “I believe everybody else would do the same thing in this situation.”