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Chinese social media users are delighted by a husband’s diary of the physical changes his wife has gone through while pregnant. Photo: Weibo

‘Every word is love’: Chinese man records wife ‘farts a lot’, vomiting, ultrasounds in pregnancy diary delighting millions

  • A husband keeps a diary detailing every physical experience his wife goes through during pregnancy such as when she passes wind or has a check-up
  • Millions in China have been touched by the diary after it was featured in a news story this week and went viral online

A husband in eastern China has become a trending story online with his weekly pregnancy diary on his wife’s physical experiences over the last 39 weeks.

The man, surnamed Yan, who lives in Zhejiang with his wife, surnamed Gao, has recorded details such as: “farted a lot” and “didn’t sleep well, had a bad dream and cried”, since the start of her pregnancy, news website Shanhai Video reported.

The couple, who married seven years ago, discovered Gao was pregnant with their first child at the start of the year and ever since Yan has kept a diary mapping his wife’s progress.

Yan’s wife Gao was unaware of the diary’s existence until last week when he shared its contents with her. Photo: Weibo

However, Gao was unaware of the diary until last week.

“Just a few days ago I discovered that he had carefully written down what happened to the baby and me every week. I found it very interesting,” she said.

“I complained to him about how difficult it was sometimes, and it didn’t occur to me that he would write it all down. This is fun and heartwarming.”

Yan said he thought Gao deserved all the attention as he knows “pregnancy is a difficult time”.

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“I want to record the trifles and details of life during this period, so one day, when we look back, we’ll find it interesting,” he said.

Other details he recorded included: “strong sickness, vomited for the first time”, “frequent fetal movement, couldn’t sleep well”, and “had an ultrasound, and we saw its face”.

Mainland users have been delighted by the frank and loving details captured in the diary.

A photo showing entries in the diary arranged by time and date and which describe Gao’s changing condition. Photo: Weibo

“There’s no mention of love in those notes but I see love in every word,” one Weibo user commented.

“Who would be scared of marriage and childbearing if they meet someone like him?” another wrote.

“This is so sweet. It’s what love is supposed to be,” said another Weibo user.

This will be the first child for the couple who married more than 7 years ago. Photo: Weibo

Chinese couples have shown a growing reluctance to have children as society and lifestyles evolve and living costs rise.

Last year, the country’s birth rate dropped to 7.52 per 1,000 people with a natural growth rate of 0.034, the lowest in 60 years, according to official data.