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This seven-year-old girl was delighted when she stumbled upon a model that looks a lot like her. Photo: SCMP composite

‘Are they long-lost twins?’: girl in China stumbles upon model in poster that is spitting image of her, delighting millions

  • Not only did the two girls look alike, but their clothes were also in strikingly similar colours
  • The viral video amused many online, with some people wondering if the model was actually the same girl

It can be too easy to look at a model and dream of looking like that. But one seven-year-old girl in eastern China found her doppelgänger on a poster.

During a shopping spree with her mother, the girl from Jiangsu province stumbled upon an advertisement that featured a remarkable lookalike.
The anonymous girl said she was overwhelmed with excitement after seeing a picture of what looked like herself at a clothing store.

“Mum, this child and I look alike!” She said, according to her mother, surnamed Wang, in an interview with Star Video.

The girl was shopping for winter clothes as the weather is getting colder in China. Photo: Baidu

The reaction from the little girl delighted millions of Chinese online, while some were doubtful, saying that the photo was actually her.

The unexpected experience started during a weekend shopping trip because the mother wanted to refresh the girl’s wardrobe as the weather had started to get colder. Last Sunday, she decided to take her daughter to a local shopping centre.

Upon arrival, they stopped to look at buying clothes from a famous clothing brand. When the mother’s attention was distracted with picking out clothes, her daughter began to walk around. All of a sudden, Wang heard her daughter’s voice from a nearby section of the store.

The remarkable coincidence was that the two girls were wearing clothes of the same colour. Photo: Baidu

In the viral video, the girl pointed at the model in the poster and smiled from ear to ear. Funny enough, their clothes were a strikingly similar colour.

Not only do the two girls have the same hairstyle, but they also have similar facial features, skin tones and smiles.

It thrilled the girl, who could not stop smiling.

“She thinks this is amazing,” said her mother. “She is very happy about that picture.”

The story went viral after it was published. At the time of writing, it attracted 320,000 views and 2,293 comments. Much like the little girl, a lot of people online were surprised that the two looked like twins.

“Unbelievable! And they even dressed alike,” wrote one person.

Another asked: “Are they long-lost twins?”

However, a few users doubted the veracity of the story.

One commented: “Are you sure this is not actually the same girl?”