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Two parents went viral in China after using a fishing pole to prod their daughter after she had accidentally locked them out and then fallen asleep. Photo: SCMP composite

‘There are many advantages to fishing’: Chinese parents use fishing rod to poke awake daughter who locked them out and fell asleep

  • The daughter had locked the gate after returning home and proceeded to fall asleep on the couch
  • Giggling throughout, the parents used various methods to try and wake their sleeping daughter

Sometimes parents take a risk when they give their children a bit more responsibility. For a couple in China, they had to use a fishing rod to wake their daughter, who had locked them out of their home and fallen asleep on the couch.

The parents, from Heze in Shandong province in eastern China, had to use a fishing pole to reach into the home through the door gate and poke their daughter awake, according to a video that had gone viral on mainland Chinese social media.
When the girl came home from school on October 19, she arrived to an empty flat and proceeded to lock the door and lie on the couch. When she laid on her side, she fell asleep and did not notice that her parents had arrived at the door.
The daughter was completely asleep when the parents arrived back home. Photo: Baidu

The parents realised that their girl was sleeping by looking between the bars of the gate.

They tried to wake the girl up by calling her name over and over for 30 minutes, but she was sleeping soundly and did not stir.

The parents finally thought of using a fishing rod they owned to wake her up. The father stretched the rod through the gate, then started to prod the girl lightly.

While tapping her with the fishing rod, he also called out her name loudly. When it did not immediately wake the girl, the mother, standing next to her partner, started to laugh.

Once the mother started to chuckle, the girl raised her right arm to wipe her nose and tried to sit up straight. In a sleep-induced daze, and with her eyes half shut, the girl still did not realise her parents were at the door until she heard them calling to let them in.

Despite the confusion, the father continued to talk to her.

“Open the door,” the father said in the video.

It took a moment for the girl to understand what was happening when she woke up. Photo: Baidu

Eventually, the girl woke up and looked surprised. Both the father and mother could not help themselves and again broke into laughter when they watched their daughter’s groggy response.

When the girl snapped out of her trance, she stood up, walked towards the door, unlocked it and welcomed her parents home.

The story of the sleeping daughter has become a source of amusement across social media in China.

One person said: “Hahaha, what a good sleep the girl had!”

Another quipped: “This is just proof that fishing has many advantages. You can still use the fishing rod even when you do not go fishing.”