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A dog returned home after being lost for six years (left), and a woman used her pup’s face to open a gate (right). Photo: SCMP composite

Heartwarming tales of man’s best friend: dog finds way home after 6 years, canine’s face scanned to open gate, puppy wrapped in plastic bag rescued

  • A dog who had wandered off during a cleaning day returns home after six years
  • A woman finds amusement when her dog is better at facial recognition than she is.

A dog in eastern China returned home after it had been lost for six years, delighting millions on the Chinese internet.

The dog owner, surnamed Zhang, from Ningbo in Zhejiang province, had previously lost the dog while cleaning his home, Pear Video reported.
He had two dogs and put both of them on the doorstep. When he returned to check on them, one of the dogs had disappeared. After looking for a few days, Zhang gave up and assumed the dog had been lost.
The dog, circled, had been lost for six years and managed to return home. Photo: Weibo

Although the dog had disappeared, Zhang remembered its appearance six years later. When the dog returned to Zhang’s home, he recognised it immediately.

“How did you find your way home?” Zhang asked.

The white dog ran towards Zhang, and Zhang gently stroked it. The dog also seemed to cry the moment when it reunited with Zhang.

“I could not believe it when it did that,” he said.

Owner scans dog’s face to open gate

A woman was able to open a facial recognition gate by facing her dog toward the camera. Photo: Weibo

Who needs face-recognition technology when you have a dog?

A pet owner in eastern China who scanned her dog’s face to open her home’s gate, controlled by face-recognition technology, amused many on the Chinese internet.

The owner, surnamed Zhang, from Hefei city in Anhui province, placed her dog’s face in front of the facial recognition security camera to enter her home and expressed amusement when it passed the test, according to The Moment.

Zhang was walking her dog at night, and upon arriving at the gate, she tried to scan her own face to open it, but that attempt failed.

Zhang was aware that the facial recognition system occasionally did not work, and she decided to use the time waiting to fix the problem to take photos with her dog.

Zhang accidentally moved the dog so its face was right in front of the facial recognition security camera, and all of a sudden, the gate opened.

“I thought it was an interesting and confusing moment. Then I tried to scan the dog’s face a few times and it worked every time,” Zhang said.

Zhang said the building management decided it needed to change its security system after the incident.

An abandoned puppy finds a home

A puppy that was dumped in a rubbish bin but later saved. Photo: Weibo

A man in northern China was caught on camera saving a puppy that had been wrapped in a plastic bag and dumped in a rubbish skip.

The man, surnamed Chai, from Jincheng city in Shanxi province, was outraged after he discovered the abandoned little puppy, according to Toutiao News.

Chai found the puppy when he heard a whimpering sound coming from a nearby rubbish skip. He did not know it was a puppy at first until he tore open the plastic bag.

“The bag was fastened pretty tight, so I tore it up and freed the puppy,” Chai said.

The video showed a puppy lying on the ground while weeping with a pitiful voice.

Chai speculated that the owner did not want to raise the newborn puppy and deliberately threw it away. When Chai was trying to figure out what to do with it, a passer-by approached him and agreed to take it home.