Striking miners listen to Julius Malema's speech. Photo: AP

Briefs, September 12, 2012


SANAA - Yemen's defence minister, Major General Muhammad Nasir Ahmad, escaped a car bomb attack on his motorcade that killed at least 12 other people, a day after the government said it had killed the regional al-Qaeda branch's number two. Seven security guards and five civilians were killed and 12 others were wounded. Reuters

MOSCOW - A fire swept through an illegal garment factory outside Moscow, killing at least 14 Vietnamese migrant workers, Russian emergency officials said. Firefighters sent to put out the blaze found 14 bodies in the factory in the town of Yegoryevsk, southeast of Moscow, and four victims were hospitalised with burns.

NAIROBI - Fighting between a semi-nomadic tribe of livestock herders and a farming community in southeastern Kenya escalated with 38 people killed, including nine police officers, according to the Red Cross. It said eight children were also among those killed in a dawn attack in which more than 300 people from the Pokomo tribe raided a village of Orma tribe of herders. The raiders torched 167 houses. AP

DRIEFONTEIN, South Africa - In a speech punctuated by cheers and the blowing of whistles and vuvuzelas, firebrand politician Julius Malema called for a national strike in all South African mines, encouraging a step-up of a strike that has already halted production at several platinum and gold mines. Malema told thousands of striking miners that the nation's critically important mining industry should be stopped in its tracks to force the removal of the leadership of the country's National Union of Mineworkers, which is cosy with the power elite, including South African President Jacob Zuma, Malema's arch-enemy. "There must be a national strike. They have been stealing this gold from you, now it is your turn," Malema said. AP

MONTREAL - Ottawa has begun revoking the citizenship of thousands of naturalised Canadians who allegedly only pretended to live in the country, the immigration minister said. "We have identified up to 3,100 Canadian citizens who may have obtained their citizenship fraudulently," said Jason Kenney, announcing a clampdown on people who "lie or cheat to become citizens … Most of these individuals are believed to be outside the country and have never really lived here." AFP