A Lufthansa passenger filmed a ‘demonic’ child screaming for 8 hours on a flight — and people are horrified

Some viewers have sympathised with the child and his mother, while others have criticised them

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 February, 2018, 11:18am
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 February, 2018, 11:19am

By Mark Matousek

Sitting next to an upset child is every airline passenger’s worst fear, but a YouTube video taken by a passenger on a Lufthansa flight from Germany to New York in August 2017 takes those fears to another level.

The Daily Mail first reported the video, which shows a child yelling, climbing on a seat, and running through the aisles. The video indicates that the child was disruptive throughout the eight-hour flight.

“That was a nightmare — eight hours of screaming,” a person can be heard saying at the end of the video.

On Twitter, viewers gave a variety of responses to the video. Some sympathised with the child and his mother, arguing that the child may have a condition that would make air travel uncomfortable.

“I have one of these at home. He drives me nuts. Nothing mom can do and I feel for her,” user angelgrey81 wrote.

Others criticised them.

“With parenting like this, that kid’s destined to be President one day,” Nash076 wrote.

Lufthansa did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Here’s what Twitter users had to say about the video.


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