Donald Trump

Trump launches assault on Washington Post and Amazon for not paying taxes

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 June, 2017, 1:57am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 June, 2017, 3:20am

President Donald Trump attacked The Washington Post and Amazon through Twitter on Wednesday, arguing that the online retailer was not paying “internet taxes.”

Trump stated on Twitter on Wednesday:

It was not immediately clear what Trump meant by “internet taxes.” The White House declined to answer questions about the president’s statement. collects state sales taxes in all 45 states and the District of Columbia, according to their website. State governments have sought to capture sales taxes lost to internet retailers, though they have struggled with a 1992 Supreme Court ruling that retailers must have a physical presence in a state before officials can make them collect sales tax.

Amazon did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Washington Post spokeswoman Shani George declined comment.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post in 2013. He made the purchase as an individual and was not involved.

Bezos was one of a number of technology executives who visited the White House recently for a strategy session on modernising government.

Trump has taken shots at Bezos and Amazon on Twitter before. In 2015, he wrote:

In a break from long-held presidential tradition, Trump has so far refused to release his federal tax returns.