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‘His depression won’: Rose McGowan urges people not to blame Asia Argento for Anthony Bourdain’s suicide

The #MeToo pioneer wrote a letter addressing the mental health struggles of both the chef and author and his girlfriend

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 June, 2018, 2:53am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 12 June, 2018, 3:45pm

Actress and author Rose McGowan released a letter on Monday urging people not to assign blame in Anthony Bourdain’s suicide – and addressing the struggles endured by the famous chef and his girlfriend, Italian actress and director Asia Argento.

McGowan described Bourdain’s suicide as his own “horrible choice” and wrote that “his depression won” in the heart-wrenching letter.

“In the beginning of their relationship, Anthony told a mutual friend, ‘He’s never met anyone who wanted to die more than him.’ And through a lot of this last year, Asia did want the pain to stop,” McGowan wrote in the letter, which was released Monday and received by The Hollywood Reporter.

“But here’s the thing, over their time together, thankfully, she did the work to get help, so she could stay alive and live another day for her and her children,” McGowan wrote, referring to Argento.

“Anthony’s depression didn’t let him, he put down his armor, and that was very much his choice. His decision, not hers. His depression won.”

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She wrote of Bourdain, “I know before Anthony died he reached out for help, and yet he did not take the doctor’s advice.”

Argento asked McGowan to write the letter on behalf of her and “all who are hurting because of this unfathomable loss”, she said in a statement accompanying McGowan’s message.

McGowan wrote that Bourdain’s two years with Argento were “some of his happiest” and described them as having a “free relationship” that was “without borders of traditional relationships”.

Argento and McGowan both accused Harvey Weinstein of rape and have been vocal advocates of the #MeToo movement. McGowan says in the letter that Argento has been though “more than most could stand”.

“She stood up to her monster rapist and now she has to stand up to yet another monster, suicide,” she wrote.

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Bourdain, 61, was discovered dead in a French hotel room on Friday. Argento said in a statement on Friday that she was “beyond devastated” by Bourdain’s death.

Bourdain’s estranged wife posted a photo Monday of their daughter Ariane, 11, performing at a concert while wearing boots her father had gotten her.

“Our little girl had her concert today,” Ottavia Busia-Bourdain captioned the Instagram photo. “She was amazing. So strong and brave,” Busia-Bourdain wrote. “She wore the boots you bought her. I hope you are having a good trip, wherever you are.”

On Friday, after receiving news of Bourdain’s suicide, McGowan had written an open letter to the author and chef that read in part: “You were not just loved, your were beloved. And you chose a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, help is available. For Hong Kong, dial +852 28 960 000 for The Samaritans or +852 23 820 000 for Suicide Prevention Services. In the US, call The Lifeline on +1 800 273 8255. For a list of other nations’ helplines, see this page.