Sexual harassment and assault

Ray Liotta says he doesn’t believe the Woody Allen sexual-assault allegations

The actor says if he could work with any filmmaker right now that he hasn’t yet in his career, it would be Allen

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 June, 2018, 11:44am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 June, 2018, 11:46am

By Jason Guerrasio

If Ray Liotta could drop everything and work with a director he hasn’t had the chance to yet in his almost 40-year career, it would be Woody Allen.

That’s what the legendary “Goodfellas” actor told Business Insider on Monday while promoting the last season of his NBC series, “Shades of Blue”.

“I don’t think he did what they accuse him of,” Liotta said, referencing the recent spotlight on past sexual-assault allegations against Allen. “For his particular case, I don’t buy it.”

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Liotta’s comments are a rare show of support for the director. Since the #MeToo Movement began, Allen has lost many allies in the industry as numerous actors have publicly apologised for being in movies made by the director. Some have even donated the salaries they earned working on his movies to charity.

All of this stems from Allen’s adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, publicly accusing Allen of molesting her when she was seven-years-old, an accusation she has stood by. One of her brothers, Ronan Farrow, has written that he believes her. Allen has denied all allegations.

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The perception of Allen could also be impacting him at the box office. His latest movie, “Wonder Wheel,” only earned US$15.3 million in theatres, and a majority of that came from overseas (it made only US$1.4 million domestically). Amazon Studios, which released the movie, is reportedly in “serious conversations” to cut its multi-film contract with Allen. It’s supposed to release his next movie, “A Rainy Day in New York.”

Liotta did not elaborate on why he doesn’t buy Farrow’s allegation, however he’s not alone. In May, Moses Farrow, Dylan’s other brother, wrote a blog post defending their father, stating he was present when everything allegedly happened. In his lengthy post, Moses claims Dylan’s accusations on what happened are inaccurate.

In response to Moses’ blog post, Ronan responded with a note that concluded with “I believe my sister.”

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