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‘Just buzz us’ - says Hong Kong's on-demand tech support startup

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 19 July, 2017, 10:39am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 July, 2017, 10:47am

In relentless efforts to "Deliver quality customer experience" to every Hongkonger, the Buzzer team formed by in-house tech experts can just fix any problem on these devices.

"Just reach for the phone, tap in a request and Buzz - your every problem is attended to in 120 mins", says Sam Arunachalam, founder of Buzzer. Buzzer is the first of its kind to not just offer technical support with the required supplies, but also an extended post-service support. Having managed the IT departments of multi-national companies for over 2 decades, Sam realised that the market had a pressing need for IT support combined with convenience to the end user. "I realised that though the market was growing exponentially; it was weed growth – it needed control and direction in its general unorganised nature. And that's exactly what we do, while the customers can focus on their core business – be it a billion dollar business or taking your child to a movie".

In today's world where we are surrounded by technology, we all have our moments of glitches and shrieking for help and many times routine takes over. As an end user, the customer would like their tech to be sorted out and taken care of with ease at a preferred time and space – this is where Buzzer comes in. Buzzer was founded on the basis of sorting IT malfunctions for the end user at a time most suitable to them – at home or at work. This service has the wits of tech professionals who have oared the rough waters of the tech evolution that has occurred by leaps and bounds in the past decade. Sam takes pride in boasting the tech skills of his team, as each and every team member is adept with the use of tools and tech.

We have laid utmost importance to the nitty-gritties when it comes to creating an ideal solution for our customers. The Buzzer team can be buzzed any time via their website, App, hotline and WhatsApp. A Buzzer member would then coordinate for supplies and/or tech support and services to be delivered to your doorstep.

We bet every Hongkonger is familiar with the bottleneck one faces when it comes to someone who can provide tech support – sometimes it's the price, or the availability, the language barrier or simply the atypical attitude of a tech professional who lacks the empathy for customer support. Buzzer combines transparent and simple pricing with the promise of security, on case to case basis and that's not all, there is service and there is after service support. As an end user – doesn't that sound like a support heaven or affordable luxury?

What is fabulous about the brand is not just its significance to the businesses but to individual households. We can literally say "it's a household name" and has only gained leverage in the past few years. The brand has also been recognised by Apple Daily, Oriental Daily, The Standard, cpjobs.com, Property Times, U Magazine and akin recently, it's gaining media attention and leverage with some fabulous customer feedback and a stringent management which strives for excellence. The company is raring to go and wishes to build a brand which is sustainable and only becomes better as time goes by.