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Enterprising Hong Kong Brand Awards

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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 19 July, 2017, 11:10am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 July, 2017, 11:22am

Founded in 2005 in Amsterdam, branding & digital agency WECREATE doubled in size the first year, and within a few years the office became a full-grown company with clients coming in from various industries and fields.

The creative director and founder, Arthur Kuipers, who had a newfound love for Hong Kong, decided to take a look at the Asian market where he discovered that there was a lot of room for improvement in the branding & digital industry. Realising that the market was in need of a more international, user-experience-driven approach, he took a risk and opened a second office for WECREATE to bring Dutch design into Hong Kong.

Within a span of two years, WECREATE Hong Kong has grown from 2 to a diverse and international team of 20, consisting of branding experts, UX & UI designers, project managers and web & app developers.

The evolution of the company was propagated, in no small part, by the experience, know-how, enthusiasm and can-do attitude of the founder and early team members. The company has build up a steady client base and has taken in clients of all backgrounds; from local SMEs to large, global corporations.

Because of their continuing interest in new talent, WECREATE has been able to grow steadily while ensuring their level of quality. This brought them within 2 years to a level of being able to cater to any projects of any size.

"We provide high quality, user-experience-driven Dutch quality design in Hong Kong, this allows us to capture a variation of clients from different industries producing a dynamic portfolio. We don't limit ourselves to a specific target audience or market segment, which is why we have clients ranging from multi-national corporations to new startups. This keeps us on our edge as we constantly need to delve into new target audiences and market segments to ensure our designs are spot on.

We specialise in branding, web design, e-commerce solutions and app development. We offer all-round solutions to build strong brands, products or companies. How? We develop coherent strategies, design strong logos, make distinctive corporate identities, design pixel perfect websites, build solid e-commerce solutions, contrive user friendly apps, invent catchy packaging, come up with striking brochures & create creative advertisements.

We aim to provide a personalised experience for our clients. From the level of detail in the quotation, which allows the client to have overall control of their budget, to a clear made-to-measure project approach-system."

With the diversity of their clientele, WECREATE has been able to grow in all dimensions, from moving itself from a co-working space to its own office to having an internal design and development team that creates user-centered UX/UI design and high-quality coding.

They have created a defined on- and offline brand identity which showcases their design driven mindset, eye for detail, level of quality and digital character. In effect, gaining more website visitors to the point where WECREATE is on top of almost every design related search in Hong Kong. Curious? Have a look at wecreate.com.hk.