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Garuda Metalindo expands its reach in the global automotive market

Indonesian Developer of high-quality customised fasteners and cold-formed parts for top Japanese carmakers has geared up to work with other industry players

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2016, 3:21pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2016, 3:21pm

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As a major player in the Asean region, Indonesia enjoys good trade relations with neighbouring countries, motivating many carmakers to consider Indonesia as a viable production base. Japanese vehicle manufacturers have long discovered the benefits of collaborating with local parts and fasteners makers such as leading player Garuda Metalindo.

Garuda Metalindo has been working with top automotive companies such as Honda, Mitsubishi and Hino for more than 25 years as it develops high-quality customised fasteners and cold-formed parts. Its long-term relationships with Japanese companies have bolstered its network and credibility in the automotive original equipment manufacturing industry.

“Having worked with Japanese companies for many years, we became familiar with their stringent requirements,” says Ervin Wijaya, vice-president. “This allowed us to confidently meet their strict standards, which became the barometer for other manufacturers to trust us.”

Having worked with Japanese companies for many years, we became familiar with their stringent requirements
Ervin Wijaya, vice-president, Garuda Metalindo

The company’s rapid expansion prompted it to invest heavily in its production facilities while constantly improving its quality management system. Plans to go global are underway. Armed with deep local knowledge and experience, cost competitiveness, speed and a strong synergy with the organisation’s other subsidiaries, Garuda Metalindo is an ideal partner for global automotive industry players wherever they are based.

“Our customers are also our partners,” Wijaya says. “We work with them to tailor the products to their needs. “We also have a highly competent team with many years of experience in the automotive industry. To produce high-quality products, human capital is important combined with dependable machines and materials.”

Garuda Metalindo is continuously developing new business relationships with potential customers domestically and internationally.

With its vast experience in the automotive industry spanning more than 30 years, and equipped with a modern and efficient production facility, Garuda Metalindo is aggressively strengthening its grasp of the domestic market, while expanding its export business to reach the global automotive market.

“We are open to any possibility to expand the business of our company,” Wijaya says.


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