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Polytron focuses on extending its leadership in consumer electronics across Southeast Asia

Indonesian company is pursuing the opportunity to grow further in the home market, with a population of about 250 million people, and to expand overseas

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2016, 12:45pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2016, 12:45pm

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Technology is the nucleus of innovation fuelling the rise in consumer electronics – an industry forecast to experience high demand over the next few years in Asia-Pacific’s emerging markets.

With 38 technology patents, more than 65 industry awards and a dedicated 600-strong research and development team, Indonesian electronics giant Hartono Istana Teknologi (Polytron) is poised to become a regional trailblazer in consumer electronics.

“One of our keys to success is understanding consumer needs, and we always create innovation in every product category,” says CEO Hariono.

Already Indonesia’s largest electronics company and a market leader in consumer electronics and home appliances, Polytron is focused on expanding its presence across Southeast Asia, beginning with its foothold at home.

“We have a very big chance to grow further in Indonesia, considering its population of about 250 million people,” says Tekno Wibowo, marketing director. “We have almost every consumer and household appliance and aspire to provide every Indonesian household with our products. If we conquer Indonesia, we can be No 1 in Southeast Asia.”

One of our keys to success is understanding consumer needs, and we always create innovation in every product category
Hariono, CEO, Polytron

Polytron began its ingenious ascent in 1975 with only 25 employees manufacturing small pocket radios and black and white television sets. Today, the company designs and produces a full range of high-calibre audio, video and household appliances, from portable Bluetooth speakers and LED televisions to refrigerators and washing machines.

As part of its commitment to product innovation, Polytron is also exploring wearable technologies and integrated home technology solutions. The company ventured into mobile phones three years ago and welcomes technology partners who can share their trading expertise and knowledge.

Polytron maintains three factories, around 10,000 employees, 19 sales offices and 65 service centres throughout Indonesia. It is also present in Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand, and invites partnerships with distributors in Southeast Asia.

“With the emergence of the Asean Economic Community, Southeast Asia is going to be a very large, interesting and integrated global market,” Hariono says.


Hartono Istana Teknologi (Polytron)