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Softex is equal to the challenge of enhancing quality of life for all ages from toddlers to senior citizens in Indonesia by providing disposable hygiene products

As Indonesia’s income per capita has increased, the focus on personal hygiene has also intensified, and Softex has broadened its portfolio to include baby and adult diapers and wet wipes

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2016, 2:07pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2016, 3:33pm

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Enabling infants to get the extra hours of sleep that are crucial for development; empowering women to be confident of their own bodies regardless of the situation; and encouraging mobility among senior citizens – these are only some of the significant consequences of Softex Indonesia’s mission to enhance the quality of life of the country’s nationals through disposable hygiene products.

Softex played an important role in modernising hygiene products in Indonesia. When the company’s founder established the singlet shirt factory, Mozambique Jakarta, in the 1970s, she discovered that female employees used scrap fabrics as sanitary napkins.

As a woman, the founder saw an opportunity to make an impact on women’s lives by becoming Indonesia’s first sanitary napkin manufacturer.

“When our founder established Softex, she did not just sell products, she empowered women to reclaim their freedom and function normally,” says CEO Hendra Setiawan.

The company markets its products under three main brands – Softex for sanitary napkins, Sweety for baby diapers and Confidence for adult incontinence. Softex has two product lines: Softex Hello Kitty, which is geared towards teenagers and young adults; and Softex Daun Sirih, which contains antiseptic betel leaf extracts.

As part of V CLASS, the company offers sanitary pads, panty liners and feminine wet wipes to independent and active women. Meanwhile, Softex Maternity is the preferred postpartum sanitary pad in Indonesia, with a 58 per cent market share.

As the country’s income per capita has increased, the focus on personal hygiene has also intensified. Aiming to cater to the growing disposable hygiene products market, Softex broadened its portfolio to include baby and adult diapers and wet wipes.

When our founder established Softex, she did not just sell products, she empowered women to reclaim their freedom and function normally
Hendra Setiawan, CEO

For its baby diaper offerings, Softex markets products under the Sweety and Happy Nappy brands. For Sweety, Softex offers Sweety Safe & Soft, Sweety Fit Pantz Dry Active and Sweety Fit Pantz Gold Active.

The second brand, Happy Nappy, showcases the innovativeness of Softex. Along with the more common pants-type and front-tape diapers, Happy Nappy offers tapeless baby pads for greater flexibility.

“We are in the right business because Indonesia is a country with a high birth rate,” Setiawan says. “I feel that the demographics will change in 10 to 20 years as the percentage of the elderly also rises – in which case, Softex will be well-prepared.”

Catering to the elderly, Softex offers the Confidence brand of adult diapers in different variants – tape-type and pants.

Softex markets its wet wipes under the Softies brand. Available in fresh aromatic, antibacterial, natural glow and other variants, Softies has something to offer for everyone.

In an industry dominated by multinational companies, Softex retains its edge through constant innovation. Together with its suppliers, Softex embarks on research and development projects to improve its product line and to expand its offerings.

“We have to be very responsive to the market to take the lead,” Setiawan says. “If needed, Softex creates new categories where we can be the pioneer.”

Softex products are available in leading retailers such as Indomaret, Alfamart and Carrefour, and through wholesalers. Outside Indonesia, Softex is also available in Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.

Drawn to the immense growth potential of Softex, CVC Capital Partners joined the company’s pool of investors in January. Backed by CVC’s experience as a major private equity and investment firm, Softex has gained access to best practices in further streamlining its operations. “Softex is focused on sustainable growth in the future,” Setiawan says. “We are employing more and more best practices to achieve that. Softex welcomes businesses that want to invest in Indonesia.”


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