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Indonesia’s Panggung Electric Citrabuana uses its R&D centre to maximise quality of its products

Electronics and telecommunications manufacturing company overcomes challenges of Asian financial crisis and the government’s trade policies with China

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2016, 10:43am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2016, 10:43am

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For Panggung Electric Citrabuana, the blueprint for business success in Indonesia comprises three elements – people with the right expertise and attitude, a conducive environment that breeds trust, and an apt system to measure productivity.

These factors ferried the
electronics and telecommunications manufacturing company to scale new heights and to strengthen its end-to-end production competency encompassing channels such as design, procurement, importation, manufacturing, quality control, distribution and after-sales service.

Panggung Electric’s journey to becoming one of Indonesia’s foremost producers of electronic goods, however, was not easy. Withstanding various challenges such as the effects of the 1998 Asian financial crisis and the impact of the Indonesian government’s trade policies with China, the company today has a leading position that is a testament to its zeal and resilience.

We are the enabler engine. We cooperate with clients, suppliers and partners to fulfil the local content and technology requirements
Ali Soebroto Oentaryo, president

Panggung Electric has kept its products and services competitive for more than 45 years by strategically diversifying its operations.

Unafraid to adopt relevant business models, the company has traversed various manufacturing paths – from dependence on its Japanese clients to self-reliance via the development of its own brand Akari, and onto growth through exports and global collaborations.

Having its own factory and research and development division has allowed Panggung Electric to allocate the right amount of resources to offer an efficient electronic manufacturing service (EMS). Some of its customers include leading telecommunications and equipment companies Huawei and ZTE, apart from top consumer electronics and appliance makers.

“We are the enabler engine,” says Ali Soebroto Oentaryo, president. “We cooperate with clients, suppliers and partners to fulfil the local content and technology requirements. As a pioneer in EMS in the telecoms industry particularly for 4G LTE devices, we continually learn and work as a team. Maintaining optimal productivity in the consumer electronics and telecoms industries is not simple, but we have the spirit to do this.”

Armed with good corporate governance values such as transparency, professionalism, accountability and readiness, Panggung Electric enables headways in modern devices and creates successful environments for its clients.


Panggung Electric Citrabuana