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Cilegon supports industry and infrastructure building in Asia’s emerging markets

Indonesian company fabricates 28,000 tonnes of steel a year and adheres to strict international standards to produce boiler components, piping works, steel structures and heavy equipment

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2016, 11:51am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 June, 2016, 11:51am

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Emerging markets in Asia are among the main players fuelling the continuously rising demand for steel used in infrastructure development and in harnessing energy resources. As economies grow, steel demand shows no signs of declining. Cilegon Fabricators and its Japanese parent company, IHI, have joined forces in laying the foundation for supporting industry and infrastructure building with high-quality boiler components, piping works, steel structures and heavy equipment.

Situated near the heavy industry area in Cilegon, Banten province, the company specialises in boilers and pressure parts. Cilegon is one of the leading boiler manufacturers in Indonesia, with boilers generating 90 per cent of its total business.

Leveraging the extensive network and deep expertise of IHI, Cilegon fabricates 28,000 tonnes of steel a year – 85 per cent of which is exported to markets such as Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and the United States through its private jetty. The remaining 15 per cent is used for local companies and for infrastructure development projects commissioned by the Indonesian government. Cilegon sees this figure growing as Indonesia continues with its industrialisation.

Gaining the trust of the Indonesian government speaks volumes [for] our capabilities. We built our business on integrity and transparency
Shigeo Ozawa, president, Cilegon Fabricators

“Gaining the trust of the Indonesian government speaks volumes for our capabilities. We built our business on integrity and transparency,” says Shigeo Ozawa, president.

As an Indonesian company with global reach, Cilegon prioritises quality. The company abides by international standards and holds certifications from the International Organization for Standardization, Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, to name a few. Cilegon also trains its employees rigorously to provide them with the skills to carry out complex designs that adhere to high standards, and an unparalleled ability to ensure that they meet customers’ needs and demands.

Cilegon aims to contribute towards helping society through its products and services, not just in Indonesia, but throughout Asia and the rest of the world. With production capacity at 80 per cent, Cilegon is poised to serve the needs of new customers.


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