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Brian Hui, Head of Customer Propositions and Marketing, Wealth and Personal Banking at HSBC Hong Kong, says the bank is committed to providing bespoke customer experiences.

HSBC leads clients to see beyond the norm with its art initiatives

●    HSBC sponsors the METAVISION exhibition at K11 MUSEA showcasing NFT artworks from around the world
●    Bank says it is experiencing growing customer interest in the new medium 

Paid Post:HSBC

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Last year NFT (non-fungible token) art burst onto the scene – and the markets. With this new breed of art becoming more widely known and accepted by the public – thanks to technological advancements and a vibrant trading market – the surging interest in NFT art promises to change the art world.

A physical work of art, such as a painting, is valuable because it is unique: specialists can tell the original work from a copy. In contrast, digital art in the form of photos, videos or images can be easily duplicated or downloaded countless times.

The introduction of NFTs has made it easier to distinguish originals from duplications. Digital art can now be tokenised and given a digital certificate of ownership. This crucial aspect has revolutionised the art world, as buying, selling and investing in digital art is now entirely feasible.

An NFT exhibition entitled METAVISION, considered the most diverse of its kind in Hong Kong to date, is being held at K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui, where visitors will have the chance to see a selection of NFT artworks from around the world.

At the forefront of art and technology

As the title sponsor, HSBC is hoping to bring unparalleled experience to its clients.

Brian Hui, Head of Customer Propositions and Marketing, Wealth and Personal Banking at HSBC Hong Kong, says as a customer-centric, leading bank in the region, it has always seen beyond the different possibilities. “We have maintained our position as the industry pioneer by providing bespoke customer experiences, with the aim of continuously unlocking the world of opportunities and growing with our clients,” says Hui.

HSBC is also taking part in the exhibition itself. The bank has transformed the Gold Ball at K11 MUSEA into a dedicated exhibition zone. The area is equipped with high-tech panels to showcase the story of the bank’s pioneering involvement in NFT art.

“HSBC is at the front line and a pioneer in art and technology within the industry,” says Hui, adding that the bank is fully supportive of this initiative and committed to taking the customer experience well beyond the norm for retail banking.

“We have taken the opportunity to elevate our two owned digital art assets – The Art of Progress and Threads of Life – to the next level. The two digital art pieces were originally designed to provide an interesting and interactive experience when we opened our wealth centres. They have now turned into NFT art,” says Hui.

The stories behind the art

The bank has transformed the Gold Ball at K11 MUSEA into a dedicated exhibition zone.

According to Hui, The Art of Progress featured at the K11 ATELIER HSBC Wealth Centre seamlessly combines technology, big data and new-media artforms, with beautiful rolling hills in the style of a traditional Chinese landscape painting symbolising the real-time movements of the Hang Seng Index. Because it is formed using real-time data, the digital painting is forever changing.

“The idea was inspired by the design of HSBC’s past and current banknote series, which have witnessed the growth of the bank and our customers over the years,” says Hui.

Threads of Life, meanwhile, was inspired by a tapestry art in the HSBC archives. The animals and flowers on the tapestry symbolise fortune and prosperity. 

“A peacock symbolises beauty, dignity and wealth, echoing the initiatives of HSBC synergising traditional heritage and modernity to provide extraordinary services for our clients,” Hui adds.

The bank is offering a private viewing opportunity at the K11 ATELIER HSBC Wealth Centre for its high-net-worth (HNW) clients to experience first-hand its two NFT artworks, as well as a series of selected NFTs from the exhibition. 

A lightshow of the artworks is also being displayed on the facade of HSBC’s headquarters in Central, transforming it into the largest outdoor NFT gallery in Hong Kong.

“We notice there is a growing interest in NFT art among our customers, who are eager to learn more about the significance of NFT art – not just art lovers but also the general public,” says Hui. “Leveraging our long history and passion to breakthrough, we are well positioned to lead our clients to explore and navigate in the new world of art and technology.”

A lightshow of NFT artworks is being displayed on the facade of HSBC’s headquarters in Central.

Beyond NFT art

Hui adds that HSBC has given away unique NFT art as souvenirs to its clients.

The bank has also given away 1,000 non-tradable NFT art souvenirs to its clients, which were made by a third-party digital platform which uses less energy than other traditional digital platforms.

“As a leading bank, we strive to stay at the forefront of global trends, lead our clients to ‘see beyond’ and unveil limitless opportunities of the future,” he says.