Best Alumni of Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Program

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Geoff Siebengartner - Shanghai (Class of 2015-2016)

PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 August, 2016, 10:58am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 16 August, 2016, 2:29pm

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I partner closely with global businesses every day to help them solve policy-level problems in foreign markets, it will be valuable for me to work with executives in the EMBA setting to understand how they perceive and react to situations. On the other hand, the government is a vast, often inefficient bureaucracy that needs an injection of modern management philosophy and updated tools, and I hope to take both away from the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program and apply them in my organization.

It was the strong personal connection and cultural fit I felt with the school at every interaction: the alumni I met while researching the program, the staff I met at information sessions while I was applying, and now the faculty and classmates that I spend my weekends with. Each has been, without fail, outstanding.


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