Fully committed to offering clients well-designed insurance products and solutions, Sun Life Hong Kong celebrates 128 years of business operation in the city.

Sun Life Hong Kong culture conducive to strong business results

The Covid-19 pandemic poses serious challenges to people and businesses everywhere — the insurance industry being no exception. In the first half of the year, insurers in Hong Kong did not enjoy the best of times. Sun Life Hong Kong, however, emerged stronger.

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This long-serving insurer, which celebrates its 128th anniversary in Hong Kong, managed an impressive positive growth of more than 30 per cent in new business during the same period. Today it occupies an enviable position to expand its business further with organic growth and other timely investment.

 As Sun Life Hong Kong consolidates its position in this highly competitive sector, Chief Executive Officer Fabien Jeudy is quick to point out the reasons for the company’s recent success: culture and people.

In his current role since 2017, Fabien Jeudy has been watching over a period of sustained growth for Sun Life Hong Kong.

“Business results are an outcome of company culture,” says Jeudy with a sense of pride. “We have three core values: first, everybody must be at their ‘client-obsessed’ best every single day, putting their clients' well-being before anything else; second, they must show care and be trustful; last but not least, they need to demonstrate financial discipline. The core values are what make us good. We are helping our advisors to better serve our clients, so that our clients are well-positioned to overcome challenges at these trying times."

Jeudy cannot emphasise enough the importance of Sun Life’s remarkable sense of duty. “Our people know they are here for our clients and the community,” says the top executive, who assumed his current position in February 2017. “And we treat our staff and advisors with incredible respect and empower them.”

Of course, Sun Life Hong Kong could not achieve strong growth numbers if not for the right products and service. Over the last three years, the company has launched a dozen insurance products. Jeudy is confident that the company features some of the best insurance plans in the market, in a number of different categories, including the high-net-worth, retirement and health-related solutions.


“These well-designed solutions meet the needs of the market. Our advisors and brokers are very confident to promote them to the clients,” adds Jeudy, a trained actuary.

Jeudy has 30 years of experience under his belt, across Sun Life’s businesses in various countries and markets, having been involved in multiple forward planning in developing business functions. For the Hong Kong business, there is the plan to invest one billion Hong Kong dollars over the next five years in order to take the opportunity to boost the company's digital structure.

The digitalization journey will empower both advisors and clients.

“Digital is becoming a key strategic priority,” he says, while stressing the technology’s supportive role in the operation. “Our philosophy is that we need financial advisors. They have the feeling, the imagination, and the empathy. They try their best to help the clients prepare for the unexpected in life with that all-important human touch. Then, we use technology to empower our advisors, including the advanced system and tools. Our advisors can therefore communicate with their clients with ease and provide superb advisory service. Ultimately we believe in people.”

A superlative company culture, solid planning, and awesomely hard-working people are the ingredients which have fuelled the growth of Sun Life Hong Kong, even in these most challenging times.

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