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Hong Kong Science Park’s technology innovations for your business

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 08 March, 2017, 9:40am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 08 March, 2017, 9:40am

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Hong Kong is a dynamic breeding ground for innovations, and Hong Kong Science Park has over 600 companies developing cutting edge technologies. Many companies have adopted these innovations to sharpen their competitive edge. Learn how four leading organisations have adopted local technology solutions to take their operations to the next level.

Hong Kong International Airport and Science Park’s Pho Imaging

As one of the international and regional aviation hub, Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) strives to be a smart airport. They are committed to world-class safety standards and provide excellent customer services. Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) connected HKIA’s executives with Pho Imaging through a programme called Technologies from Science Park. They invented an Airfield Ground Lighting Scanning and Inspection System (AGLSIS) by high speed imaging technology and initiated the proof-of-concept to integrate the innovation into the maintenance of these lights. The solution allows maintenance teams to efficiently detect any defects and damages of the light fittings along the miles stretch airfield.  The proof-of-concept stage was completed successfully with plans moving forward to full implementation for system upgrade and enhancement.

Ocean Park and Science Park’s Mother App

Ocean Park provides fun and spreads message of marine conservation to all guests. With strong commitment to deliver an amazing and engaging experience for their guests, they leverage the use of innovative technologies from Science Park. In collaboration with Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation Ocean Park implemented PFlow, a “guest traffic management system” developed by MotherApp. PFlow uses Internet of Things to collect and distribute park information through a customised mobile app. It effectively enables Ocean Park to monitor, react and control crowd congestion in real time. It empowers staff members to make faster and smarter decision, effectively utilising the park’s facilities to reduce congestion. The successful implementation helped management to deploy manpower efficiently and improve overall guest satisfaction.

CLP and Science Park’s Optical Sensing

CLP constantly upgrades its facilities to ensure uninterrupted power supply and utmost safety for its customers. In collaboration with Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, CLP identified and deployed the Distributed Temperature Sensing System developed by Optical Sensing. The system monitors the temperature of the 132kV underground cables. It is much like a doctor conducting health checks on cables. It enables CLP engineers to locate potential problems in the power supply grid so that they can provide timely remedies. Not only does the technology contribute to reduce maintenance cost, it also helps increase cables’ lifespan.

Maxim’s Caterers and Science Park’s Ackuis Technology

Real-time online food safety data monitoring and analytics have become a reality at Maxim’s Caterers. Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation facilitated the collaboration between Maxim’s Caterers and Ackuis Technology to integrate the Product Control Management System (PCMS) into its production line. The technology embeds powerful automated monitoring and vision functions that provide quality inspections and data collection. The data collected from the system enable Maxim’s Caterers to effectively track and trace its food products for further analysis. The enhancement improves the efficiency of food production and delivers safe and high quality food products for customers. This innovative technology allows Maxim’s Caterer to improve its existing production line without incurring high investment costs to revamp and purchase brand new machinery.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation has the vision to build a vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem. It plays the vital role of super-connector forging partnerships between leading enterprises and Science Park’s innovators through programmes such as Technologies from Science Park.  Through collaboration the programme facilitates leading enterprises to adopt home-grown technologies and shares knowledge of upcoming market trends as well as business challenges with Science Park innovators.

The programme is a great platform, where enterprises and innovators get together for business sharing, product demonstrations and one-on-one business matching meetings. Many leading business entities in Hong Kong have successfully identified tailor-made innovative solutions through the programme.

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