HKUST celebrates its 26th Congregation

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Stretch Your Wings and Giving Spirit

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 20 November, 2018, 5:55pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 20 November, 2018, 5:57pm

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Stretch Your Wings

Everyone has his or her own gift, passion and role to play.  At HKUST, it is not just leaders we seek to nurture; but also talent, who can find their own places.  As a university that values diversity, we strive to create a platform for everyone to identify and develop their passion, interests and eventually their missions in life.


We call ourselves University of Science and Technology, but HKUST is not just about science and technology; we endeavor to expose our students to a range of cross-disciplinary learning opportunities so they know where their strengths and interests lie.  Our Headstart internship program, for example, offers junior students a ‘head start’ in the job market.  We also strive to source special opportunities, such as a year of humanitarian work experience in Geneva, or a year of voluntary work in Cambodia.  Locally, we offer programs in arts and culture to help our students broaden their horizons and add depth to their thinking.  Paving the way for their future, HKUST also hosts many career talks and recruitment expos, as well as events such as HKUST’s One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition – now a regional contest entailing seven cities, providing seed money and networking opportunities for potential startups.

We are proud to see our graduates being constantly ranked as the world’s top 20 most employable staff, but we are even more proud to see the many examples of those who are not scared of chasing their dreams.  We have bankers who gave up well-paid jobs to start from scratch as an artist and a performer, and we have physics and chemistry graduates who have overcome countless hurdles to build a multimillion-dollar business.  People who follows their hearts will find their strengths in their future careers. 

Giving Spirit


Today, more than 5,000 graduates are joining our global alumni network.  Students are leaving this campus where they have spent four of their best years in life, but the spirit of what it means to be an HKUST member will stay with them forever.

During their time at HKUST, students were fully immersed in the diverse campus life and global citizenship education, where they gradually built strengths and capabilities, and an innovative mindset that could help them find new ways to tackle problems - be it technology that enables easy and accurate patient screening, or a system that allows medical staff to keep track of patients’ conditions against harsh environments in underprivileged countries.

Now four years have passed, and many of our students have exhibited creativity, courage, and a can-do spirit – traits that characterize HKUST members.  These qualities will help them break out of their comfort zones and overcome setbacks in the future.  More importantly, these attributes will serve as a solid base of competencies for our students to develop innovative and workable solutions to address social problems and global issues.

No matter where our students go after graduation, the HKUST spirit will continue to bind all HKUST members together; no matter what they choose to do in the future, the spirit will give them strength to overcome obstacles. Our students with holistic understanding will dare to dream, dare to transcend themselves and eager to contribute to the building of a sustainable future for Hong Kong and the global society.